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Cute Dog Photo – Bailey Gets in the Trash

December 16, 2011

A friend of mine sent me this cute dog photo of Bailey. It was too cute to keep to myself. Enjoy!  :0)

To this day, Bailey proclaims his innocence despite the evidence.

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Happy Easter – Cute Singing Puppy Dog

April 24, 2011
Check out this new adorable video with Dexter from Dexter’s Ruff Life.
Easter Puppy
Sephi says, “Have a safe and happy Easter”

Sephi is not too happy about wearing those bunny ears.  But she still looks cute.  She may have hated her picture but she couldn’t help but to laugh at Maya wearing her bunny ears.  Check out Maya’s photo at

Cute Dog Photo

February 26, 2010

"Hey! Who drank all my juice?"

Here is a cute photo of Maya looking into a cup.  I have added a cute caption which seems to fit what Maya could have been thinking at the time the photo was taken.  Feel free to share your cute dog photos.