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Too Cute Dog Wedding Video

April 21, 2012

I love my dogs. But I don’t think I would ever consider a dog wedding. But this video is super cute. Sabrina and Reggie really look cute in their wedding apparel. However, it seems Sabrina has a bit more to say about the matter. And how about those beautiful bridesmaids! Gotta love the cake too. If you had disposable income, would you have a wedding for your dog? How about a birthday party?

Four Days of Funny and Cute Dog Commercials – Day III

March 8, 2012

Four great dog commercials so far, right? Here are two more cute dog commercials. Plus there will be two more tomorrow.

Four Days of Funny and Cute Dog Commercials – Day I

March 6, 2012

Watch a total of eight funny and cute dog commercials – two each day. These are relatively recent commercials which we really liked. Some were commercials we discovered through our friends on Facebook or Twitter while others are ones we found on our own. The two dog commercials picked for today’s post are from Bud Light and Black & Decker. Remember Bud Light’s Spuds McKenzie? Well, here is their new star, Wego.

Another Bud Light funny dog commercial – Click HERE.

Visit us again tomorrow, Thursday, and Friday for the other six commercials. Then stop by Saturday for a featured pet article.

Cute Dog Photo – Bailey Gets in the Trash

December 16, 2011

A friend of mine sent me this cute dog photo of Bailey. It was too cute to keep to myself. Enjoy!  :0)

To this day, Bailey proclaims his innocence despite the evidence.

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