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Cute Things Dogs Do – Part V – Play

September 15, 2011

Of all the cute things dogs do, I think that playing is the most entertaining.  And unlike singing, dancing or begging, it is not something that has to be taught.  They just do it.

I love playing with my dogs.  Both of them growl viciously when they play (Maya learned it from Sephi), but it is a play-growl not a mean one.  When Sephi plays, she turns her butt to Maya in order to keep Maya from pawing at her or mouthing her face.  Even when just Sephi and I play, Sephi uses this tactic.  It cracks me up!  Maya, on the other hand, is all in your face and she has her paws a-swingin’.  Imagine a 60+ pound dog jumping and throwing her paws high up in the air!  It’s hilarious!  No matter how many times I see Sephi and Maya play, I can’t help but to smile.  Oftentimes, I laugh until my cheeks hurt and there are tears in my eyes.

Playing fetch with Sephi and Maya is always fun too – for both them and me. Sephi is getting old now and will only fetch about 4 or 5 times.  When she is done, she lets me know by taking the toy somewhere off to the side rather than bringing it back to me. Maya won’t play fetch if Sephi is in the yard. If Sephi is in the yard and I throw the toy to Maya, she will look to see what Sephi is doing first. Because if she chases after the toy, Sephi might chase after her and that is no fun at all for Maya.

I have not had much luck playing fetch with a frisbee. Sephi won’t even try. Maya tries, but she only catches it 1 out of 15 times. Eating the frisbee is her favorite part.

What do you love about your dog’s playing techniques?

Cute Things Dogs Do – Part II – Dancing Dogs

August 20, 2011

There are so many ways to dance, even for dogs.  Some dogs “break dance” by sliding and twisting on the floor.  Some dogs get on their hind legs and prance.  And some dogs just wiggle!

Sephi and Maya don’t dance.  Sephi can’t balance well on her hind legs.  However, she does this cute prance thing backwards down the hall at feeding time.  I will have to get a video of that someday.  Maya does a few tricks on her hind legs, but she is a long way from dancing.

Does your dog dance?  If so, how does he do it?  Share a story about your dog.  We’d love to hear it!

Cute Things Dogs Do – Part I – Talking and Singing Dogs

August 13, 2011

Does your dog talk or sing?  It may be something your dog just likes to do.  Or perhaps some sound annoys him or triggers it, such as the piano or the theme song to Law & Order.  Or perhaps it could be something you taught him, whether purposely or inadvertently.

I inadvertently taught Sephi how to ‘talk’.  She made cute sounds when he was a pup and I thought it was so cute that I encouraged it.  Be careful if you encourage your dog to make noises.  Your dog may be inclined to do it more often in order to get your attention.  Sephi, for example, now makes noises to remind me that it is dinner time.  Sometimes it is annoying because it is too early in the day for dinner.  Or sometimes she gets carried away and barks, which is not so cute.

Tell us if your dog talks or sings.  Does he do it often or only on command?