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Dogs vs Cats

January 19, 2013

I read this great article on Hub Pages about why dogs are better than cats. You can read it HERE. And it reminded me of a couple of videos I have seen regarding the same dog and cat rivalry.

I absolutely LOVE this video showing why cats are better than dogs.

This next video tries to show why dogs are better than cats. I wish someone would make a video as funny as the previous one.

If people acted like dogs or cats, this video shows what they would be like. Personally, these people give me the creeps. I’d rather have the personalities in furry forms than in people forms.

This one isn’t a dogs vs cats video but I just saw it Thursday and have to share because it’s so cute.

Can your cat do that? I think not.

I have had both dogs and cats but overall, I prefer dogs. I currently have two dogs, Maya and Pierson.

Why I have two dogs instead of one:
1. Because I have two hands.
2. So they can play with each other.
3. So one can keep my feet warm while the other can keep my lap warm.
4. Because I need more than one morning wake-up call.
5. So no matter what color of clothes I wear, you can tell I have a dog.
6. As a double-backup burglar alarm system.
7. So I get a strength workout on both arms while walking.
8. So I can have twice as much fun.
9. So I can have both slippers brought to me at the same time instead of one at a time.
10. Because I can.

Do you prefer dogs or cats (or other)? What are the special things about your pet(s)?