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Review – Jones Natural Chews Dog Bones

December 29, 2012

I absolutely love Jones Natural Chews… almost as much as my dogs do. Maya and Pierson got to try out the shank bone and the femur knuckle. We also got a knee cap but I felt it was too small for Maya and Pierson so was worried about them swallowing or choking on it.

Sensitive Tummy?
Maya has a sensitive stomach. She tends to get diarrhea if she eats something other than her dog food or eats too many dog treats. The bones from Jones Natural Chews had enough fatty pieces, skin, and some meat so I was worried she would get an upset stomach. But she didn’t. I let her chew on the femur knuckle for a good hour too.

Maya is eating the femur knuckle from Jones Natural Chews.

Maya is eating the femur knuckle from Jones Natural Chews.

Great for Teeth
Chewing is great for a dog’s teeth. Most of the dogs in my life have been chewers and most have had great teeth. Even my dog Sephi at age 10 had great teeth. She loved Jones Natural Chews. My dog Pierson especially needs help with his teeth. He likes to eat poop. Even though I keep Maya’s poop picked up, he still eats the rabbit poop from the wild rabbits we have living under our shed. So with regular brushing and these great dog bones, I hope to keep Pierson’s teeth in as good as shape as Sephi’s were and Maya’s are.

Pierson is eating the shank bone from Jones Natural Chews.

Pierson is eating the shank bone from Jones Natural Chews.

Aggressive Chewers
Maya and Pierson are aggressive chewers and have to be watched closely, especially with this sort of thing. I let them chew on the dog bones supervised for about an hour. But it is difficult to just sit there and watch so it wasn’t constant supervision like it should have been. They seemed to do fine, though, so I didn’t worry. But the next day, I realized Pierson had taken off a chunk of cartilage. I found this out because he threw it up. Thankfully, he did vomit it out because it was too big of a piece for him to digest. It could have blocked his stomach which would have been very bad.

Supervise, Supervise, Supervise!
Jones Natural Chews are safer than most because this company tests for splintering. I feel good about that. But there can still be pieces that can be broken off and eaten. I learned my lesson with Pierson and will no longer allow long chewing sessions. And chewing will be 100% supervised. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

All-in-all, we are very happy with the shank bone and femur knuckle we received from Jones Natural Chews. Maya and Pierson really enjoyed them. If I were a dog, I’d love them too. They sure look tasty! Another thing I like about them is they are made in the USA. Most of the dog bones you see in the store come from China. But not Jones Natural Chews!

Here is a video of Pierson doing some cute dog tricks for the shank bone.

Check out their website and check out our favorite blog for Jones Natural Chews. I really love this blog. The writer, Flea, is funny. She has lots of pets and always has fun stories to share.