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Dog Breeds of the World – Podengo Portugueso Medio Y Pequeño

February 20, 2011
Portuguese Hound

Portuguese Hound

If you thought the 167 AKC dog breeds was a lot, consider the number of other dog breeds around the world.  We are expanding our knowledge of dogs to dog breeds of the world and would like to share what we have learned with you.

We have recently been studying the Podengo Portugueso Medio and Podengo Portugueso Pequeño, also known as the Portuguese Hound.  As you may have guessed by the name Portugueso, these dogs are dog breeds of Portugal.  The Podengo Portugueso Medio is the medium sized version and the Podengo Portugueso Pequeño is the small sized version of the Podengo Portugueso Grande.  The Podengo Grande is very rare but the Medio and Pequeño are very common in Portugal.

The Podengo Portugueso dog breeds may have ancestry from the Pharaoh Hound and/or descended from the small Iberian wolves.  The Pharaoh Hound has origins in the Middle East and could have easily been brought to areas around the Mediterranean by the Phoenicians and Carthaginians.  The Podengo more closely resembles the Pharaoh Hound but there are differences.  For one, the Pharaoh Hound does not come in a wirehaired version like the Podengo does.  And the Pharaoh Hound does not come in a smaller version.

The Podengo Portugueso Medio and Pequeño can be yellow, tan, or black.  He can be the solid color or the color with white.  His hair can be short or he can have wire hair.  Like the Pharaoh Hound, he has tall triangular ears, a thin build, and a lean face.  His face is not quite as long as that of the Pharaoh Hound, but the resemblance is striking.  Although the Podengo Portugueso Pequeño strongly resembles a Chihuahua, he is not at all related.

The Podengo Portugueso Medio was and still is used as a small game hunter in the rural parts of northern Portugal.  The Pequeño was used for flushing small game but he is mostly now a popular house pet in the urban areas of Portugal.  The Pequeño is relatively easy to train, gets along well with children, and does well with children.  The Medio, on the other hand, is still very much a working dog and may not do as well in city life.

To learn more about the Podengo Portugueso Medio and Podengo Portugueso Pequeño, check out The New Encyclopedia of the Dog by Dr. Bruce Fogle.