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Poppin Word on Wordless Wednesday

August 13, 2014
Maya and Poppin Dog Collar

Maya’s new dog collar from my friend, Shannon!

There are more fun pet photos for the Wordless Wednesday Blog hop below:

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Almost Wordless Wednesday – Four Letter F-Word

July 9, 2014

Okay, so it’s not quite wordless. Is it ever?

The four-letter f-word at our house has a whole different (and much better) meaning.

Cute Dog Pierson

“Did someone say FOOD?”

Maya Handmade Dog Collar

“I’m pretty sure you said you were going to give me food for posing in this new handmade dog collar from our friend Yinghua.”

(Admittedly, the photo of Pierson is from a while back when we still lived in Kansas. But it isn’t a photo I have posted before. Maya’s photo, however, is recent. Our friend, Yinghua, made this for Maya and sent it to us just after we moved to Iowa.)

I hope you enjoyed the Wordless Wednesday blog hop! Check out the link below to see more cute pet photos.

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Pawsh Wash Mutt N Strut to Benefit the Lawrence Humane Society

June 15, 2013

I decided to take Maya to another pet event benefiting the Lawrence Humane Society. Maya is over her doggy cold and the vet confirmed she is clear to go! This event was the Mutt n Strut and it was held in front of our favorite place to go get a dog bath – Pawsh Wash. We didn’t participate in the walking part of the event, but we enjoyed socializing. The event had a few pet supply vendors and some delicious food for both dogs and people. And we were able to sit down and enjoy the band.

Big Mastiff Dog

This is one big dog! I think his name was JuJu.

Mutt n Strut Pawsh Wash

Lots of people and dogs at the Mutt n Strut held in front of the Pawsh Wash.

Maya Ice Cream

Maya eating ice cream made just for dogs.

Twin Brindle Dogs

“I swear we’re not related.” These two dogs just met. It seems they have a lot in common.

Maya also got to play in the kiddy pool. She is a little wet in the photo above where she is eating a doggy ice cream cup. She is also showing off her new dog collar that we bought from one of the vendors, Daisy Diva Designs. Sarah is the owner of that business and I’ve bought these handmade dog collars from her before. I love how they are custom made. I almost always get a lavender design and a 1.5″ width.

There were also dogs there showing off their disc catching skills. We saw our friend Oscar doing some neat tricks. And we saw lots of dogs up for adoption.

It was a hot day, but cool misting fans were set up for both people and pets. And there were several kiddy pools. There were also some shaded areas under tents or trees. The event lasted from 5:30 to 9:00pm, so while it was hot at first, it did cool down.

Maya and I had a great time! I wish I had taken more pictures, but I was having too much fun.


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Review – NiteDawg Light-Up Dog Collar

March 2, 2013
NiteDawg Dog Collar

This is a Lab wearing the NiteDawg dog collar, but this is not Maya. (product image from

In today’s busy world where you get up early for work and get home late, you probably have to walk your dog when it is dark out. The darkness can be worrisome for a pedestrian, especially when crossing the street. You might see a car coming because of their headlights, but they probably won’t see you until the last moment. So what can you do to protect yourself and your pet? Try a dog collar that doesn’t just glow in the dark, but also lights up in the night.

The NiteDawg is just such a dog collar. You don’t have to wait for a vehicle’s headlights to reflect on the dog collar for the driver of the car to see it. They can see it from a distance because the collar has an LED light.

We received one of these Night Dawg dog collars to try and I really liked it. It was super easy to adjust and fit around my Labrador Maya’s neck. I simply took the light source out, cut it down to size, then put it back into the collar. It was easier than I thought it would be.

I can let Maya wear the collar all the time just like any other dog collar. Or I can put it on her just for when we go out walking at night. The NiteDawg collar has three settings for the light: off, steady-on, and flashing-on. To change the settings, I simply push a little button on the collar.

Maya Wearing NiteDawg Dog Collar

Maya is on our back porch wearing her new NiteDawg light-up dog collar.

The light runs on a battery. To replace the battery, you would have to remove four small screws on the small battery pack. The round battery is a CR2032 3V battery. A searching on Amazon shows that this battery is inexpensive – about $5 for five! By the way, the light switch is water-resistant. It’s not waterproof, so you dog can’t go swimming in it. But it should be fine if you are walking your dog in the rain.

Although I do really like this product, there are two things I don’t like. First, the rubber-like light source was bent from the packaging and is a bit warped around Maya’s neck. I’m sure that over time, the shape will become more proportionate looking. This really wasn’t a big deal, just a minor aesthetic thing. Second, you have to unscrew the case to replace the battery and the screws are really small. It can be a hassle for someone who is older… or in my case, someone who doesn’t have a screwdriver with that small of a head. Oh, I guess another thing which some may not like, the collar only comes in red.

Overall, I think the Night Dawg light-up dog collar is worth the price of about $15.00 plus shipping. It is well-made and a super-fun way to walk your dog at night. You can also use it to keep an eye on your dog when you let him out at night to go potty!

We received no monetary compensation for this post. However, we did receive the dog collar to try for free. Our review is 100% our own.

Maya's NiteDawg light-up dog collar.

It was difficult getting a good photo in the dark because it came out as a red blur on black. So I put Maya on our snowed-on front porch in front of a light source.

Product Reviews – Maya’s New Collar and Dog Blanket

December 1, 2012

Something about this time of year inspires me to buy things. I see all your great dog blogs and I see all these great pet products and I just have to try them. On my PetAutoSafetyBlog, I’ve done a review for recently purchased Travel Calm from Earth Heart and the Petz on Board sign for my car from Extremely Boards. On this blog, I’m going to review a dog collar from Classy Critter and a dog blanket from Catching Lizards.

Maya's new collar 003

Classy-Critter Dog Collar
I absolutely love these dog collars from Classy Critter. They are like nothing I have ever seen before. It is so clever of this crafty person to make sturdy dog collars with pony beads! The pony beads are weaved cleverly onto a thick cord and appears very durable. Two of my biggest reasons for loving this dog collar: 1) It comes in a wide variety of colors and styles. Maya looks especially good in lavender but I have a difficult time finding collars in lavender except at Daisy Diva Designs and Classy Critter; 2) It doesn’t get as dirty as quickly as the hand-made cloth collars do. (Don’t worry Daisy Diva Designs. I will still buy the colorful material collars from you. Maya can never have too many dog collars!)

Maya Wearing Daisy Diva Design Collar.

Maya Wearing Daisy Diva Design Collar.

Pierson & Maya with her blanket

Catching Lizards Dog Blanket
This blanket is super adorable. It is a simple fleece blanket which has been sewn around the edges with a nice durable trim. It is smaller than expected but only because I did not look properly at the size on the website. It is exactly the size the website indicates so the fault is all mine. I am happy, never-the-less. Pierson likes to chew on his blankets so this blanket from Catching Lizards is not only added comfort but also a toy for my silly boy. I took this blanket with us on our trip to Texas for Thanksgiving. It was a perfect way to give my dogs a little extra comfort.

Are you buying lots of stuff for your pets this holiday season? I’d like to hear about them… not that I need more excuses to buy stuff for my puppies. 😉

Review of the Adaptil Dog Collar for Pierson

September 15, 2012

Adaptil, D.A.P (Dog Appeasing Pheromone) Collar for Medium to Large Dogs - 27.6"

Adaptil makes a collar which helps to reduce stress in dogs. This stress can be related to travel, loud noises like thunder, and new surroundings. It works by releasing a laboratory created pheromone which is based on the pheromone released by nursing mother dogs. So a puppy with his mother is less likely to experience anxiety due to not only the mother’s presence but also the pheromones she releases. Can a synthetic pheromone work when mom is no longer around?

I’ve heard the Adaptil collar helps many dogs be more relaxed and comfortable but may not help all. Well, I think my dog is one of the ones it did not help. Pierson is an Australian Shepherd / Border Collie mix. He is a fantastic dog – smart, lovable, and mostly well-behaved. I’ve had him for about 8 months now. He came with several issues. But over that 8 month period, most of those issues have been worked out. The one that hasn’t is his aggression towards other dogs. He walks well on a leash until he sees another dog where he gets all worked up and goes crazy.

I had hoped Pierson’s situation was similar enough to the other stressful situations Adaptil says it helps. The synthetic pheromone helps reduce anxiety in dogs with loud thunder and noises, so why not the anxiety produced by being around other dogs?

The package did not specifically state it would help with this type of situation, so obviously there is more involved with Pierson’s behavior than just simple stress. Perhaps it is the natural suspicion of his breed mix. Or he probably wasn’t socialized when he was a pup (before I got him). Or maybe he had a bad experience with other dogs as a stray.

Despite my lack of success with the Adaptil, I’ve heard too many positive stories to dismiss it. Perhaps it works better in the specific situations it describes – loud noises, traveling, new surroundings. The product is not that expensive so if you have an anxious dog, it is worth a try.