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Wordless Wednesday – Into the Night

March 20, 2013

Did you see Maya’s review of the NiteDawg light up dog collar from March 2nd? It was pretty cool, right? Except it probably wouldn’t work as well as on dogs like my Pierson with long hair. Well, it just so happens that Pierson won his own light up dog collar shortly after! He won it from the Jones Natural Chews blog! (BTW, if you haven’t seen this blog, it’s fun and super funny.) The light from Pierson’s collar hangs down so his hair doesn’t obscure it. Here are the pet photos of both Maya & Pierson wearing their light up dog collars… into the night.

My dogs wearing dog collars with lights.

See how Maya’s dog collar glows around her neck while Pierson’s shines a light?

My dogs wearing light up dog collars.

Despite their light up dog collars, I still managed to trip in the dark.

Dogs Wearing Light Up Dog Collars

Maya’s dog collar glows while Pierson’s shines a light. Oooh, scary shadows.

These pet photos aren’t the best. It is so difficult taking photos of the dogs at night. But for some great pet photos, check out the link to the Wordless Wednesday blog hop below:

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Product Reviews – Maya’s New Collar and Dog Blanket

December 1, 2012

Something about this time of year inspires me to buy things. I see all your great dog blogs and I see all these great pet products and I just have to try them. On my PetAutoSafetyBlog, I’ve done a review for recently purchased Travel Calm from Earth Heart and the Petz on Board sign for my car from Extremely Boards. On this blog, I’m going to review a dog collar from Classy Critter and a dog blanket from Catching Lizards.

Maya's new collar 003

Classy-Critter Dog Collar
I absolutely love these dog collars from Classy Critter. They are like nothing I have ever seen before. It is so clever of this crafty person to make sturdy dog collars with pony beads! The pony beads are weaved cleverly onto a thick cord and appears very durable. Two of my biggest reasons for loving this dog collar: 1) It comes in a wide variety of colors and styles. Maya looks especially good in lavender but I have a difficult time finding collars in lavender except at Daisy Diva Designs and Classy Critter; 2) It doesn’t get as dirty as quickly as the hand-made cloth collars do. (Don’t worry Daisy Diva Designs. I will still buy the colorful material collars from you. Maya can never have too many dog collars!)

Maya Wearing Daisy Diva Design Collar.

Maya Wearing Daisy Diva Design Collar.

Pierson & Maya with her blanket

Catching Lizards Dog Blanket
This blanket is super adorable. It is a simple fleece blanket which has been sewn around the edges with a nice durable trim. It is smaller than expected but only because I did not look properly at the size on the website. It is exactly the size the website indicates so the fault is all mine. I am happy, never-the-less. Pierson likes to chew on his blankets so this blanket from Catching Lizards is not only added comfort but also a toy for my silly boy. I took this blanket with us on our trip to Texas for Thanksgiving. It was a perfect way to give my dogs a little extra comfort.

Are you buying lots of stuff for your pets this holiday season? I’d like to hear about them… not that I need more excuses to buy stuff for my puppies. 😉

The Benefit of Supporting Your Local Pet-Related Businesses

January 21, 2012


Maya wearing her summer-fun dress

There are a lot of great pet products on the market. But how many of them are truly unique? If you are interested in hand-crafted, quality, unique items, consider purchasing from your local pet-related businesses.

I got this cute one-of-a-kind dress for my dog Maya from a local business called Bow Wow Wow Pet Gifts. The owner of this business is two sisters who make their own dog clothes, scarves, and other pet accessories. Since they make the items themselves, they can guarantee that anything you buy from them will be truly unique.

My dog Maya is a light yellow Labrador Retriever. I always thought she would look good in a lavender collar. But lavender is a very difficult color to find in a dog collar. I often find purple or pink, but seldom lavender. So what is the solution? Get a hand-crafted collar. Daisy Diva Designs is a local business owned by a woman named Sarah. She makes the dog collars herself with cloth, plastic collar buckles, and metal hardware for id tags. Because the dog collars are made from cloth, she can make a dog collar any color or design. You can see Maya’s lavender collar in this photo of her playing basketball.

These are just a few of the local businesses I have found in my area. Not only am I supporting my local area, I am getting unique hand-crafted products which are sometimes better made than the commercially made ones. Do you have any entrepreneurs in your area who make their own pet products?