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Wordless Wednesday – Fun at the Sale-ing Out of Summer Dog House Event

September 26, 2012

I’ve had some of my pet stuff being sold in a consignment shop called The Dog House here in Lawrence, Kansas. The Dog House started with the Lawrence Community Shelter and the Good Dog! biscuits. But the shelter has a new facility so it is time for The Dog House to come to an end. The Sale-ing Out of Summer event was the final hurrah.

I took Maya who had a great time playing with other dogs, meeting people, and licking the faces of young children. Here are some photos of Maya and some of the other people and dogs who came to say goodbye.

Roxy, the Dachshund, is checking out a puppy dog who is getting to try on some handmade dog clothes made by Roxy’s mom and aunt with Bow Wow Wow Gifts.

Those cute puppy dogs again!

This is Earl. He is also wearing handmade dog clothes from Bow Wow Wow Gifts.

I think this dog’s name is Sadie. Her mom brought her to the Dog House for a nail trim and to shop around for some cute pet stuff.

I can’t remember this dog’s name but he/she is also here with mom to shop at the Dog House.

Maya got to play with lots of dogs but she also got to play a little on her own. Here she is enjoying a handmade dog toy.

The Dog House event had a fun photo shoot where you could dress up your dog. Maya looks like the little clown that she is.

The Sale-ing Out of Summer event at The Dog House was 4 hours long. Maya and I were there the entire time, and even some time before. So obviously Maya is quite pooped.

It’s not quite the final goodbye, though. A couple of the ladies who were part of the have decided to open a new consignment shop called Wags & Whiskers. The old Dog House will be under construction for the next few months and hopefully The Dog House will be ready as Wags & Whiskers in early 2013. I can’t wait and neither can Maya!

St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Lawrence, KS

March 17, 2012
Roxy Dressed in St. Patrick's Day Style

Roxy Dressed in St. Patrick's Day Style

It’s not the grandest St. Patrick’s Day parade in the country – just a small affair for a small town. But since I live here and because there will be dogs in the parade, I am going to talk about it. I am part of a co-op group called The Dog House. I rent a space in The Dog House shop and sell pet-related items. Many of the people who participate in The Dog House group will be in the parade. One, I’d like to share is Bow Wow Wow Gifts. The ladies who own this company make unique clothes for dogs. Their dogs and some of the dogs of their customers will be sporting St. Patrick’s Day apparel in the parade – so cute!

The above photo is a preview of the St. Patrick’s Day pet apparel. If I am able, I will post photos of the parade later today. I am part of the parade, too, although I won’t have my dogs with me. Maya is too difficult to handle in such an exciting event and Pierson will be too afraid of all the loud noises. My part in the parade is to assist the person who wears The Dog House dog costume in the parade.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Come back soon to see if there are any more photos.

I’m back, and there are more photos!  🙂

More dogs in cute St. Patrick’s Day clothes.

There were more people at the parade than I thought there would be. This is a photo looking behind.

This is a photo looking forward.

For more photos, visit our