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Scoop That Poop at the Dog Park

January 20, 2014

Scoop That Poop Logo

We’ve had unusual weather here lately, as I imagine most of you have as well. One day it is below zero and the next it is light jacket weather. Well, I took full advantage of one of those nicer days by taking Maya to the dog park. We hadn’t been since before the holiday, so it was nice to be able to go again. Most of our visit was nice, anyway…

I don’t understand why so many people still don’t pick up after their dog, despite all the signs and the free dog poop bags! I guess they see that one person was too lazy to pick up after their dog and so they assume it is okay they don’t either.

It’s not okay. I feel that in a dog park, it is even less okay. After all, some dogs visiting the park might be carrying harmful bacteria, a virus, or they might have worms. Yuck! :p I don’t want Maya to get sick. Nor do I want her to accidentally step in some and track it in my car. She could also bring it home to Pierson.

"Don't be a turd. Scoop that poop."

“Don’t be a turd. Scoop that poop.”

I have to admit our dog park is not as bad as it used to be. When I first moved to this town, the park didn’t have any signs or any dog poop bags. So someone is making an effort. I also believe volunteers come by from time to time to scoop. Perhaps I should get on that volunteer list. Or I could just go out there and do it. I have a great poop scooper called Scoopy the Poo.

Scoopy-the-Poo Dog Poop Scooper

I have this except in red.

Do you think people who see me scoop that poop will realize perhaps they should pick up after their dog? Or do you think they will figure that since someone else will scoop it, they don’t have to? I have a feeling many people will think the later. Perhaps I need to wear a vest saying, “VOLUNTEER”. What do you all think?

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Quality One-on-One Time with My Dogs

September 28, 2013
Having a Ball in the Fall

Maya & Pierson sitting in front of the Sunflowers in our back yard. Kansas is known for its Sunflowers.

Maya and Pierson are alike in many ways. They both love walks, belly rubs, and, of course, food. But they are also different in many ways. Pierson is generally active and alert while Maya is a bit more laid back. Pierson needs a job while Maya is perfectly happy napping in the sun. And even though Pierson loves affection, he is not good at cuddling like Maya.

So despite loving them both just the same, there are times when one will get special attention over the other. And those times are the quality one-on-one times which help with bonding. Here are some of the things I only do with one or the other:

Maya gets to go to pet events because she gets along well with other dogs. She is also very good with children.

Maya Pet Auto Safety Responsible Pet Owner's Day

Maya won this dog dish at the Responsible Pet Owner’s Day event held in Lawrence, Kansas on September 22nd, 2013. She is sitting in front of our table for Pet Auto

Pierson gets to train on the agility course. Maya gets too excited about the dog treats and isn’t very good on focusing on what I’m trying to get her to do. Plus, she just isn’t very agile.

Pierson Makes it Through the Agility Tunnel

Pierson loves to go through the dog agility tunnel.

Maya gets to cuddle with me when I am not feeling well. Pierson will get on the couch too but you can tell by the look on his face that he’d rather be doing other things. He doesn’t want to get down and do them, though, because he doesn’t like it when Maya gets to do something he doesn’t.

Maya and I with Sugar

Maya cuddles with me on the porch swing as I read “Sugar’s Furry Friend”.

Pierson gets to have more doggy massages because his hair is so long. I spend more time combing him out and checking for insects than I do with Maya. Pierson likes grooming until I try to comb his tail and fluffy butt.

My Dog Pierson Shedding

Shedding season means more one-on-one time for me and Pierson.

Maya gets to go to the dog park because she gets along well with other dogs.

Mutt Run Dog Park Lawrence Kansas

Maya going down one of the nature trails at the Mutt Run dog park in Lawrence, Kansas.

Pierson gets more fetch time play. He is more focused on the game than Maya. Maya gets bored easily. And she tires herself out because at first she is so excited that she does the zoomies rather than bring me back the toy.

Pierson Kong Flyer 1

Pierson loves to play with his Kong Flyer.

Here is something they both love to do together.

Maya and Pierson Playing in Sprinkler

Maya and Pierson love to play in the sprinkler.

What do you enjoy doing with your dogs or cats?

Fit Dog Friday – Getting Fit with My Dogs

April 26, 2013
Dog Pierson in Group Walk

I’m working on Pierson’s dog aggression by going on group walks with other dog owners. It’s dog training and exercise at the same time.

My dogs are very fit and healthy. It helps that I am careful about what I feed them and how much. And that I keep them relatively fit by taking them for regular walks and playing fetch with them. But I have not been so good at keeping myself fit and healthy. So this Fit Dog Friday is mostly about me and a little about how my dogs Maya & Pierson contribute.

Benefits of Keeping Fit
I’ve been very focused lately on losing weight in a healthy way. Since mid-December, I have lost 18 pounds. Now, thanks to a little initiative on my part and to great partners like Maya and Pierson, I am only 5 pounds away from reaching my goal weight! Besides the benefit of losing excess pounds, I also get to buy new clothes, I have fewer problems with acne, my fibromyalgia symptoms are less severe, and I feel like I have more energy.

Healthy Diet
How did I do it? I did use some Herbalife products. However, these products were merely a support. What really helped me lose weight were the lifestyle changes. I’ve always generally eaten healthy foods like whole grains, fresh fruits and veggies, and baked but not fried meat. But I’ve also been eating too many sweet foods. So the first thing I did when I really made up my mind to lose weight was to eliminate those sweets (for the most part).

Walk, Walk, Walk
The second thing I did was exercise more. It hasn’t been enough to just walk the dogs. Now we walk faster, more often, and further. Sometimes, instead of driving to the convenience store for a cup of coffee, I will walk the mile distance with Maya or Pierson. I’ve even taken one of them with me when I walked to the UPS store to ship a package. I also walk to the grocery store if I just need a few things, but Maya and Pierson don’t get to go because they are not allowed in the store and I don’t want to leave them tied up outside for that long.

Fun Activities with the Dogs
Maya, Pierson, and I have also been doing more fun activities together. Instead of just playing fetch with the dogs, I try to get involved with the games. Seeing who can catch the thrown ball becomes a contest to see who can get to the ball first. Although I always lose this game, Maya & Pierson love it when I chase them. Now that the weather is getting nicer, I’ve also been taking Maya to dog park more often. Our dog park is around Clinton Lake and is not fenced. So from the dog park, we are able to walk the wooded trails to an area by the lake for Maya to swim.

Dog Walking Group
I’ve recently joined a group of other dog owners who have trouble with their leash-reactive dogs. In this group, we actually walk spaced out so that our dogs can’t hurt one another. The distance apart depends on the dog. I have to be the furthest away because Pierson’s behavior is the worst amongst the group. His behavior is especially bad at the beginning of the walk. But after about 10 minutes of walking and rewarding for good behaviors, I can decrease the distance between him and the dog ahead of us. After a few of these group walks, Pierson still has to walk a few feet behind. But this group has really helped him decrease that distance.

I can see us doing even more fun activities this spring. My husband and I are talking about going camping and hiking. I’d also like to teach Pierson some agility, which means less time for me sitting at the computer and more time outdoors. What other fit activities can you think of that Maya, Pierson, and I could do together? What do you and your dogs do to stay fit?

For more Fit Dog Friday posts, check out the link below:

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Wordless Wednesday – Day at the Dog Park, Part I

June 27, 2012

My Labrador Maya loves the dog park. She loves sniffing around, meeting new people, and meeting other dogs. Here are some of the pictures from our recent trip to the dog park. (My dog Pierson did not get to go because he is not good with other dogs.)


Before we went to the dog park, we went to the drive-through at the bank. It’s too late to see it but the bank gave Maya a biscuit.


Before I had a chance to take off her car harness, Maya was off and sniffing around.


Off on a hiking adventure at the dog park.


Whew! That was fun but tiring.


Hey! What’s up this tree? Is it a squirrel? Or something else?


Are those round yellow things in the tree tennis balls? Why are there so many?

These are just some of the pictures. There were too many to put on this blog so the second half of the photos are on Pet Auto Safety Blog. From Pet Auto Safety Blog you can also see other Wordless Wednesday blog hop pet photos.

Fun Things to Do With Your Dog this Spring

March 27, 2012

I am so happy that spring is finally here. I still took my dogs for walks in the winter but other than that they did not spend much time outdoors. Now that spring is here, we can all enjoy the sunshine and warm weather. For fun in the sun, here are some fun things you can do with your dog this spring too.

Dog Park
If your dog enjoys sniffing around, trail walking, and/or playing with other dogs, the dog park is the place to be. This is my Labrador Maya’s most favorite place to go, especially if it is the Shawnee Mission dog park where they have a water front for her to go swimming.

Nature Trails
If your dog park doesn’t have trails for walking, you can still take your dog on some fun nature trails. The only difference would be that your dog has to stay on a leash. Use a longer leash if you’d like and let your dog explore nature. Be sure to pick up after him and make sure to bring him closer to you when you walk by other people on the trail.

Outdoor Dog Games
Not all dogs like the dog park and some like my Aussie mix Pierson don’t do well with other dogs at the park. Play at home instead. If your dog doesn’t already know how, teach him to play fetch with a ball or frisbee.

Perhaps you can teach some agility with a make-shift agility course. Pierson loves to jump so I am thinking about teaching him to jump through a hoola hoop. I can also teach him to jump over a pole or crawl under it. Take some big cardboard boxes outside and make a tunnel for your dog to run through, blocks of wood for steps to go up and down. Agility can be fun.

Find-It is a fun game your dog can play both indoors and outdoors. Hide your dog’s favorite treats and see if he can sniff them out. Careful not to encourage digging.

A game where you call your dog back and forth is a fun outdoor game to play. This game also teaches your dog to come when he is called. Two people stand on either side of the yard and call the dog. When the dog comes, reward with lots of praise and possibly even a treat too. Make it as rewarding as possible.

How about playing in the sprinkler or with the water hose with your dog? If your dog likes water, maybe they will like this too. Make the water hose fun by seeing if your dog will catch the end of the spray. Don’t use a spray that is too harsh or it will hurt your dog. Get your dog to run after you as you run back and forth over the sprinkler. Make bath time a fun event.

Revisit Training
Despite the fact that I still took the dogs for walks this winter, it was not as often. And so some practices, such as walking properly on a leash, have been a bit lax. Spring is the perfect time to brush up. Reteach your dog to walk properly on a leash, have him sit automatically whenever you stop walking, practice stay in the back yard with distractions, etc.

If you have a place where you can take your dog swimming, spring is the perfect weather for it. Some dog parks have a water front. And some out of the way lakes or rivers may have areas where dogs are allowed to swim.

Around Town
Find some outdoor pet-friendly activities in your area at You might be surprised to find that some restaurants with an outdoor patio allow dogs. Some shops allow does to come inside. And some botanical gardens too.

Just Lay Around in the Sun
After a fun day outside, it might be fun to just lay around in the shade. Enjoy the fresh air and take a nap under a tree. Or you relax and read a book while your dog rests in the shade.

There are so many fun things to do with your dog this spring. Enjoy the beautiful weather with your best friend, get some exercise in the meantime, and have fun!

A Lesson From Maya’s Day in the Mud

October 1, 2010

Maya in the Mud

Oh my, oh my, oh Maya!  This is a phrase I like to say when my crazy yellow Labrador Retriever, Maya, does naughty things.  I also call her Trouble or Troublemaker.  And when she is being a pest, I call her Nosy.  But don’t misunderstand the nicknames.  I never say them out of anger or frustration.  Depending on the situation, I say them with a heavy sigh as I clean up her mess, or with a smile as I enjoy her silly antics.

Dogs can be a lot of work and Maya is no exception.  She is three years old now and yet she is still finding ways to make sure that I am never idle.  The most recent event occurred at the dog park.

This past Monday, computer problems prevented me from being able to do much work.  So I took Sephi and Maya to the dog park.  It had been a few days since it had rained so it did not occur to me that it might be muddy.  But leave it to Maya to find a big puddle of mud!

Oh goodness, what a mess!!  Not only did she tromp through it and play in it, she also lay down in it.  I could have been angry and yelled at her.  But what good would it have done?  What’s done is done.  Besides, she was thoroughly enjoying herself.  Isn’t that what the dog park is all about anyway?

So instead of being upset, I chose to laugh.  Maya had a big goofy Lab grin as she played around in the mud, making a splash, and digging around.  So I sat back and enjoyed myself as I watched her enjoying herself.

By the time we were ready to go, Maya was a light yellow dog with brown spots on top, and a chocolate-colored muddy mess on the bottom – Kind of like a big chocolate chip cookie with a layer of chocolate frosting.  I spent a good 15 minutes trying to wash her off from the water in the fountain.  By the time I was done, both of us were soaked and wet.

Despite the extra work I had to do to clean her up, the day we had spent at the dog park had been worth it.  This day is a good lesson for anyone who has had to clean up a mess made by their pets.  You can choose to be angry and frustrated, or you can just take it in stride and enjoy the special moments.

(If you liked this story about Maya, check out a story I put on My Dog Space titled, “Why My Dog Is Pink”.)