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Time For Dooty Duties

September 23, 2013

Scoop That Poop Logo

Do you pick up your dog’s feces? I do, every single day. It never fails that when I take Maya & Pierson for a walk, one of them takes a crap. Even if I let them outside in our backyard beforehand, there is just something about taking a dump in someone else’s yard that pleases them.

Even if I don’t take them out for a walk, I still pick up daily from our backyard. I used to do it once a week, but then I got the notorious poop-eater, Pierson. Pierson only eats Maya’s stool, so I have Maya on a poop schedule and pick up her excrement immediately twice a day… three times if she decides to go on the walk too. Honestly! You’d think I overfeed my dogs with all the turds they churn out.

Here is what Pierson has to say about dog droppings:

Scoop That Poop Campaign 1

Scoop That Poop Campaign 2

I forgot to get a photo of Maya taking a poo. Since she is on a schedule, I won’t have a chance again until this evening.

And here is the scoop on poop brought to you by Sugar the Golden Retriever and Dogster:

Scoop That Poop Infographic

Also, check out the ScoopThatPoopCampaign and a video from Sugar:

How many synonyms for dog waste did you see in this post?

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Pet Review for Scoopy-the-Poo – Get the Scoop

April 30, 2010

What is Scoopy-the-Poo? No, it isn’t Scooby Doo’s cousin, or even his nephew, brother, or uncle. It is a fantastic pet waste management product. I use it for my dogs’ poo and I can tell you that it is super easy to use and keep clean. There is no need to hose it off and get poopie splatters all over your shoes and clothes. There is nothing disgusting to touch or wipe down with a cloth. Just clip on a regular garbage bag, scoop the poop, remove the bag, tie it up, and put it in the trash. How easy is that?

One dog can generate 50-60 piles of poop per month. I have two dogs so that’s twice as much poo! If you don’t pick up after your dog (or dogs), it’s not only gross, but unhealthy for both you and your pets.

Not picking up after your dog kinda puts a damper on having a backyard barbecue, too. I guess you will be going to uncle Bob’s for barbecue instead and have to eat his overcooked meat. You won’t be able to get your kids to go outside and play either. There goes your peace-and-quiet for the summer. And let’s not mention what happens if you don’t pick up the poop before you mow the lawn – Yuck!

So scoop the poop with Scoopy-the-Poo! Your dog will be glad that you do… Hey, that kinda has a nice ring to it. You could almost make it into a song!