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Dog Training Pays Off at Dogtoberfest

November 11, 2013

Last month I talked about how I fell short on dog training. Despite my shortcomings, Maya and Pierson have really come a long way. Maya’s behavior at Dogtoberfest reflected this. She was such a good girl!

Yes, when Maya first arrived she did try to drag my husband to the park where Dogtoberfest was held. But this was only because of her initial excitement. When Maya gets excited she is extremely difficult to manage. But I’ve learned that once her excitement wears off (about 10 to 15 minutes) she is much more manageable and will listen to my commands. So for the first 10 minutes of Maya’s arrival at Dogtoberfest there was pulling, barking, butt-wiggling, tail wagging, and all-around happiness. But for the rest of the day after that, Maya was relatively calm.

Dogtoberfest here in Lawrence was held downtown in South Park on October 6th this year. There were a lot of activities including a dog-walk-a-fest, disc dogs, canine good citizen, dog agility, dog training demonstrations, face painting for kids, bobbing for hotdogs for dogs, etc. In between activities, people could visit all the vendors and dogs up for adoption through the Lawrence Humane Society and various rescue groups.

Dog Maya Playing with Stick 2

There was not a single dull moment for my dog Maya at the Dogtoberfest. While I tended my booth, Maya found a stick to play with. Sticks are her favorite toys.

I was one of the vendors for Pet Auto so unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to check out all the activities and the other vendors. Maya stayed with me and showed off her new ClickIt Utility dog seat belt. She was an excellent model. And she was a good dog in other ways, too. Many people wanted to pet her. She actually managed to sit still in most cases. She did try to jump a couple of times, but I was expecting it and was able to keep her from doing it.

Dog Maya Playing with Stick 1

Yep, Maya really does love sticks. That red thing she is wearing, by the way, is her new ClickIt Utility dog seat belt.

Maya did very well with other dogs, as usual. Other than the initial excited barking in the morning of the event, she didn’t bark again for the rest of the day. I’m so proud of my Maya.

Have you had any recent breakthroughs in dog training?

Not So Wordless Wednesday – Evidence of Naughtiness

February 6, 2013

After the recent snow melt, we had a nice sunny day here in Kansas. So I decided to let the dogs play in the yard unsupervised. Big mistake. The photos shown here are not nearly as bad as they were immediately after the incident. Unfortunately, it didn’t occur to me to take photos until the mess was half-way cleaned up.

After being let inside.

After being let inside.

Believe me, the entire kitchen was much worse than this. I wish I had gotten a better photo.

After having fun outside.

After having fun outside.

You should have seen Pierson’s feet. He has fuzzy feet so there was mud stuck everywhere and in between his toes.

After washing mud off puppy feet.

After washing mud off puppy feet.

This was after rinsing out the tub the first time, before I realized I should take a picture. It took five rinses to clean this tub.

After discovering the proof of their naughtiness.

After discovering the proof of their naughtiness.

Here is the hole I found in the yard the next day. Hard to tell from the photo but this is nearly a foot deep.
After a good day's work.

After a good day’s work.

Did you two have fun landscaping my yard? Was it worth the bath?

My other blog doesn’t have a Wordless Wednesday post today, but they do have a dog seat belt giveaway contest. Check it out at

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Maya’s Pet Auto Christmas Photo

December 16, 2009

I just wanted to share a picture of Maya which I altered for Christmas.  Maya is a cute yellow lab which I adopted two years ago after Thanksgiving.  She was an early Christmas gift which I gave myself.  Sephi is my other dog and I love her too, but Maya is more photogenic than Sephi.  So Maya is the dog I use to promote the products at Pet Auto  (She is also the dog at the top of the Pet Auto Safety  I used Maya’s photo to help me design the Pet Auto Safety logo and she is the dog pictured on the Pet Auto website displaying a dog seat belt at Pet Auto  The photo from that website is the same photo but as altered above.  Isn’t she cute?!  (She would never go for this look in real life.)

Where is Your Dog Going to Stay This Holiday Season?

December 8, 2009

If you are going out of town this Holiday season, are you going to take your dog with you, put them in a boarding kennel, hire a professional pet sitter, or allow a friend to take care of them? Here are some pros and cons for each option to consider:

Take Your Dog With You
Pro – Besides the benefit of spending the holiday with your best friend, you will also have the peace of mind knowing for certain that your dog will not be neglected and will be well taken care of.

Con – Airline flights can be expensive and may be severely limited in the winter due to the weather. Airlines may not fly pets if the temperature is too cold. If traveling by car, you will want to make sure you pet has a car safety device such as a pet car seat or dog seat belt. You will also want to consider how well your dog will travel in the car.

Boarding Kennel
Pro – A quality boarding kennel can be a safe and comfortable place for your dog. Be sure to visit the kennel prior to making arrangements so that you can be sure of the quality of care.

Con – A quality boarding kennel can be expensive, especially if your vacation is a long one. Although a quality boarding kennel works diligently to keep the kennels clean, your dog can still be at risk for kennel cough. Your vet can give your dog a preventative for kennel cough, but it is not 100% effective. Your dog’s temperament may not like a boarding kennel. Boarding kennels can be loud and obtrusive. After a long vacation, you may find your dog has health issues due to stress.

Hire a Pet Sitter
Pro – Your dog is left in the comforts of their own home as a professional pet sitter comes by every now and then to take your dog for a walk, feed them, play with them, etc. If your dog tends to get stressed out in a kennel environment, a pet sitter is a great alternative.

Con – A professional pet sitting service can be expensive. Generally, you pay per visit and each visit is only a half hour to an hour long. For dogs who thrive on attention, leaving your dog at home alone can be an unhappy experience. After a long vacation, you may find your dog has health issues due to prolonged depression. Since visits are not frequent, a professional pet sitter may not notice if your dog is unwell or in need of medical care.

Enlist a Friend
Pro – Generally, your friend will not request as much money as a boarding kennel or professional dog sitter. They may even do it for free. If your dog knows and likes this friend, they might not even know that you are missing. For dogs prone to stress or depression, this is a great alternative to a boarding kennel or professional dog sitter. You will also be able to contact your friend regularly for updates. Contacting a boarding kennel or professional dog sitter can be like contacting your credit card company for a list of transactions – boring and without any personal connections.

Con – It may not be easy to find a trustworthy friend who isn’t also on vacation or who lives in dog friendly place. Or, as great as your friend may be, they may be a little more careless in the care of your pet, whereas a boarding kennel or professional dog sitter works hard to care for your pet for fear of losing their licence or getting sued.

Dog Thrown From Vehicle During Car Accident

October 8, 2009
Thankfully, the dog survived, but was left to near sarvation for two weeks before she was reunited with his family. Read the full story here:

The dog could have been killed by being thrown from the vehicle.  Or the dog, as a projectile, could have killed someone else in the car.  Please consider putting a dog seat belt on your dog when they are in the vehicle.  Dog seat belts only cost about $20 each, but the life you could save would be priceless.  Check out a variety of dog seat belt styles and other dog safety supplies at Pet Auto



They Make Seat Belts for Dogs?

September 29, 2009


Did you know there are products available for your dog which keep your dog safe in the car? It may seem silly to put a seat belt on your dog, but a dog seat belt is really helpful. The dog seat belt has helped keep Sephi from getting tossed around when I have to swerve or put my foot on the brake. And the dog seat belt has helped keep Maya in the back seat while I drive so that she doesn’t try to climb in my lap. So as you can see, a dog seat belt not only keeps my dogs safe, it also keeps them from distracting me when I drive. So don’t roll your eyes and think, “What will they think of next”. Check out Pet Auto for a dog seat belt and other pet travel safety products.

Also, the above photo is of my dog, Maya, wearing her dog seat belt. She is my model for displaying the dog seat belt and the model for our Pet Auto Safety logo.