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How Does Your Dog Spend His Day?

March 30, 2011
Maya Sleeping Soundly

Maya Sleeping Soundly in the Middle of the Day - As Usual

Sephi and Maya spend an aweful lot of time sleeping.  Monday through Friday I am sure it is because we are not home and they are bored.  But weekends are just the same.  We do a little bit more on the weekend, but otherwise it is mostly sleep.  Believe it or not, this is perfectly natural and normal.  Dogs need more sleep than people.  I suppose in the wild, wolves are the same.  After all, if they spent a lot of energy being up and awake all the time, they would need to eat more.  And food is already hard to come by.  Wolves eat a lot at one time when they are lucky enough to catch something.  And after they eat, they sleep.  If food is hard to come by, they hunt a little, but mostly they spend time conserving energy – ie sleeping.

So for Sephi and Maya, it is sleep, eat breakfast, sleep some more, walk, sleep, play, sleep, eat dinner, sleep.  Maya has a few more intermitant play times than Sephi because she is younger.  But they mostly sleep.