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Do Dogs Have a Sixth Sense?

April 12, 2011

Does My Dog Sephi Have a Sixth Sense?

How many of you have had a dog who seemed to have a sense about certain people or were in tuned to your emotions?  And he seemed to know these things without any obvious visual, audible, or odorous indications?

For example, my dog Smokey seemed to have a sense for bad people and would warn me of them accordingly.  The first time was when we were at the vet.  Smokey didn’t like the vet office, but he had never shown any aggression towards the staff.  But one day, there was a particular man there behind the counter.  He was a delivery man or something and was joking with one of the vet techs.  It was obvious he belonged there.  He was wearing ordinary clothes and there was nothing in his voice or body language which signaled anything to me.  But Smokey didn’t like him for some reason.  Smokey ever so gently raised himself up and put his paws on my chest, looked directly at this man, and gave a low but menacing growl.  Smokey was obviously protecting me.  He never jumps on me and I was startled by the gesture.  What was it about this man that he didn’t like?  I never found out but since it was such an unusual behavior I never questioned his opinion.

Another time some teens came to my door selling stuff.  I lived in an apartment in an okay neighborhood so this sort of thing happened all the time.  There was nothing unusual about people visiting and although Smokey was curious, he generally didn’t care.  But then one of the teens asked me if they could use my restroom.  It was an unusual request and my guard went up.  Without thinking I said, “Sure, if you think the dog will let you come in.”  The teen responded by talking to Smokey in a sweet voice and tentatively putting his hand out for Smokey to sniff.  Smokey’s hackles went up and he growled menacingly with bared teeth.  Well, that settled that!  I was so proud of Smokey.  I had put all my faith into Smokey and he came through with flying colors.  Did he read me and my reaction to these teens who were asking to come into my home?  Or did he read their intentions somehow?

Smokey is gone now, but now there is Sephi.  Sephi was not good at reading people when she was younger, but in her older and more wiser age, she has shown signs of having a sixth sense.  One time, a new maintenance guy came into my apartment when I wasn’t home in order to make some requested repairs.  Apparently, as I found out later, the maintenance guy didn’t even know I had a dog until the repairs were done and he saw her laying on her doggy bed when he was on his way out.  It surprised him because she never barked or never went to greet him or see what he was doing.  It was like she didn’t even care he was there.

But in another instance she cared a great deal.  I came home early from work because I was sick.  In my foggy state of mind, I forgot to lock my door before I went to lie down in the back bedroom.  Sometime during my half-sleep I heard my door open then a man’s voice.  Sephi went nuts.  I have never heard her bark so viciously in her life.  I wouldn’t even call it a bark.  It was more like a snarling madness.  Whoever this man was, he left so quickly that I never saw even a glimpse of him.

Sephi saved me that day.  How did she know to scare this man off but let the strange maintenance man in?  Was it because the maintenance person knocked first?  Was it because I was home and she was protecting me?  Or was there something more?

On the lighter side, how does Sephi know when I am thinking of taking her for a walk or for a car ride?  Before I even grab for the leash or her dog car seat belt, she somehow knows what I am thinking.  Since I put on my shoes and go somewhere all the time, how is it that she is able to tell that this is the time that she gets to go?  When I worked from home, it couldn’t have been the time of day because I had no set time.  And car rides were even less frequent.  But if I am seriously thinking about a walk or for going to the drive-through teller at the bank, she somehow knows and starts prancing around me, making her little happy doggy growls, and wagging her tail excitedly.

Dawn Kairns, author of “Maggie, the Dog Who Changed My Life“, seems to think that her dog Maggie had a sixth sense – That somehow, certain dogs are so in tuned with their owner that they can sense our thoughts, understand our intentions, and possibly influence our dreams.  The dream part is a little bit of a stretch for me, but I have no doubts that Smokey and Sephi just “knew”.  It could have been that certain people smelled different when they were up to no good.  Or perhaps Smokey and Sephi observed a certain body language which I was unaware of.  But whether it is a sixth sense or an ordinary sense, it is still amazing.  And if my dog doesn’t like someone, I do not question it.

Do you think some dogs have a sixth sense?  Have you ever had a dog do anything like what Smokey or Sephi had done?