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Wordless Wednesday – Cute Doggie Paws, Noses, Tail, Ears, and Eyes

July 25, 2012

Everything about my dogs is cute, except maybe the poo. But Maya and Pierson have the cutest doggie noses and paws. And I can’t say enough about their ears and eyes. Pierson has the most beautiful tail too. Here are some close-up shots I took with my camera.

I love Maya’s big feet.

Big and stinky but still cute!

Pierson’s back foot as he is laying in his “frog dog” pose.

Fuzzy feet and a cute little nose.

What a brown-noser! Don’t you just want to kiss it?

What a beautiful fluffy tail. This is part of the reason Pierson’s nickname is Mr. Fluffybutt.

Pierson has cute fuzzy ears too, and a fluffy head.

Even when Maya’s ears are inside-out, they’re cute.

And look at those beautiful brown eyes. I’ve got to get a better photo.

Love these little brownies too.

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