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Thanksgiving Special – Food Harmful to Dogs

November 22, 2011


Food Harmful to Dogs

Everyone is getting more stuffed than the turkey this Thanksgiving. Everyone, that is, except the family dog. It’s tempting to spoil him on this special day, but you have to be careful with what kind of food you give him. Check out this blog from our Pet Auto website for holiday food which could be harmful to your dog – No Turkey Bones About It – Food Harmful to Dogs.

No Turkey Bones About It – Food Harmful to Dogs

November 19, 2009


Don’t spoil your dog with people food this holiday season.  While a small amount of some foods may have no ill effects, other foods can actually be deadly.  Some harmful foods include raisins or grapes, onions, macadamia nuts, dark chocolate, and turkey bones.

Check out our full post on Thanksgiving food harmful to dogs at our other site,