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Happy 3rd Gotcha Day Pierson

January 10, 2015

I can’t believe it has only been three years since I got my dog Pierson. It seems like he’s always been a member of the family.

Happy 4th Birthday & Happy 3rd Gotcha Day, Pierson!

Pierson Cuddling on 3rd Gotcha Day

Pierson Cuddling with Me 2

Maya wants cake for Pierson Gotcha Day

Yes Sweetums, of course you get cake too.

Want to know more about the day I caught my little fluffy pants Pierson in Pierson Park? Check out my post on The Reward of Rescuing a Dog.


The Rest of Pierson’s Gotcha Story – Part I

January 27, 2014
Pierson at Pierson Park 1

Stray dog living at Pierson Park in Kansas City, Kansas in December-January 2012.

On January 10th, Pierson’s official Gotcha Day, I told you about how he was finally caught after living in a park as a stray for nearly a month. But his adventure didn’t stop there. Coming into a strange new home took some adjustment. So let me tell you the rest of Pierson’s story.

Take Him to the Shelter?
When we first started trying to catch this stray dog, my husband didn’t think it would be a good idea to take in a stray. He was worried about bringing in a dog with unknown behaviors and unknown diseases. He suggested that if we catch this dog, we should take him to the humane society, let him go through the adoption process, and then adopt him. There are some no-kill shelters in the Kansas City area, so it was not an unreasonable request. Also, considering he was a stray, it would give his previous owners a chance to claim him.

Pierson Playing with Toy 001

The day Pierson first felt comfortable enough to play in his new home.

No, I want to Keep Him
But when I finally got Pierson in the car, I did not want to take him to the shelter. So on the 40 minute drive home, I began to think of reasons why we should just keep him. For one, it was unlikely he would be claimed. He had no collar and already been living in the park for three weeks. And an officer who had also been trying to catch him said she called local shelters and no one had reported a dog of his description as missing.

Prepared to Beg
When I got him home, I introduced Pierson to Maya. He didn’t like her, but at least he didn’t outright attack her. There was hope. So I called my husband at work, prepared to present my argument about why we should keep him rather than let him go to the shelter first. To my surprise, it didn’t take much to convince him. All I had to do was give Pierson a bath and take him to the vet.

Maya and Pierson 006

Pierson loves to chase and Maya loves to be chased.

Fleas and Ticks
I took Pierson to Pawsh Wash, a doggie boutique with half of the store dedicated to grooming. I could pay someone to bathe Pierson, or I could pay a smaller fee and use their facilities to bathe him myself. I opted for the later. Pierson was so well behaved during his bath! I must have been there for an hour-and-a-half combing him, bathing him, and pulling out all the ticks. One of the staff at Pawsh Wash helped me even though I had opted to not to pay for the full grooming service. I believe it was Chelsea who helped me. One of the other staff members helped me pick out a good nutritious food for Pierson. Chelsea and all the Pawsh Wash staff are PAWSOME!

Next stop was the vet’s office. It was an easy visit. Except for the fact you could feel his ribs, there were no visible signs of illness. Blood work was done and vaccines were given.

Maya & Pierson 005

Pierson warmed up to Maya rather quickly.

Smart Dog?
Remember the post on the 10th of this month where I told you we got Pierson because my husband said he wanted a smart dog? Someone asked if my husband was satisfied with Pierson’s intelligence. My husband has very little experience with dogs, so he didn’t really know what he meant by a smart dog. But he is very happy with Pierson, despite a few mishaps. What mishaps, you ask? Come back for Part 2 tomorrow where I tell you about Pierson’s emergency room visit three days after we brought him home.

Pierson’s 2nd Gotcha Day

January 10, 2014
Pierson at Pierson Park 1

Stray dog living at Pierson Park in Kansas City, Kansas in December-January 2012.


November 2011, my dearest Sephi crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. I still had Maya, but there was still a hole in our lives. At the request of my wise husband, we waited until after the holidays to look for a another dog. I checked and put in applications to a few rescue groups. But it wasn’t until I posted something on Facebook that the perfect dog came along. Some of you may know this story already. But for those of you who do not, read on. 🙂


My husband said he wanted a smart dog. I’m not sure what his definition of a “smart” dog was. My honey doesn’t know much about dogs, so I’m not sure what his expectations were. Sephi wasn’t the brightest bulb on the chandelier, but she wasn’t dumb either. And she was very well behaved. At any rate, I followed his request and began looking at Border Collies, Aussies, and even a Standard Poodle.


Border Collies were my first choice, though, and so I posted a request for information on Facebook. I wanted to know what Border Collies were really like, not just the generalized descriptions you find in breed books or online. I wanted to hear from real people. And that’s when one of my Facebook friends told me about a Border Collie mix that had been living in a park for nearly a month.

Pierson at Pierson Park 2

Luckily, this stray dog had a thick coat and we had yet to have our first winter snow.


I found out more information through a friend of a friend and drove the 40 minutes or so to the park in order to try to catch this dog. He was friendly and let me pet him, but the moment I pulled out the leash he’d run off. It took me three days to catch him, and it wasn’t even me that caught him.


Keep in mind, this was in January. Every day I didn’t catch him, I’d lie awake at night thinking about how cold this poor dog must be. After two days of no luck and no sleep, I was at a loss. But thankfully, within five minutes of arriving at the park on the third day, an old man showed up. He said he had been feeding the dog for about three weeks. He couldn’t catch him either and already had too many dogs of his own, so he didn’t know what else to do other than make sure this dog was fed. And animal control wouldn’t try to catch the dog either. Unless the dog was dangerous, animal control didn’t care. (By the way, if they did care, they would have taken the dog to a high-kill shelter… another reason the old man didn’t do anything more than feed the dog.)


Anyway, the dog walked right up to the old man. The dog still backed off when he saw the leash, so I asked the man to sit in the back seat of my car and try to coax the dog in. It worked. But instead of coaxing the dog in, the old man simply picked him up and put him inside!


The dog was now mine. I named him Pierson after the park, and he has been a beloved member of the family ever since. That day was January 10th, 2012. I estimated him to be about a year old at the time, so today is his 2nd Gotcha Day and his 3rd birthday.


Happy Gotcha Day Pierson!!! You’re the best little fuzzy boy ever and I hope you will be my little fancy pants for the next several years to come. ♥ ♥ ♥

Pierson Rescue Dog

Pierson was nervous on his first day at his new home. He wasn’t quite sure yet what to think of me and my husband or Maya.

Portrait Photo of Pierson Small

I could tell he was young by his shiny white teeth and lack of fully developed boy parts.

Me and Pierson

Pierson was still a little nervous when we had this photo taken in February 2012.

Pierson Playing with Ball 4

The Nobbly Wobbly ball is one of the first dog toys Pierson played with at our house. He has since chewed this ball to pieces.

Maya & Pierson 005

Pierson warmed up to Maya rather quickly.

Maya and Pierson 006

Pierson loves to chase and Maya loves to be chased.

Pierson Sleeping 2

As you can tell, Pierson is quite content in his forever home.

One of the first things Pierson learned at our house was how to sit and wait for dinner.

For more fun videos of Pierson, visit us at

Nearly Wordless Wednesday – Pierson’s Gotcha Day Poem

January 9, 2013

Miscellaneous Dogs 014 (sm)

Pierson’s Gotcha Day is tomorrow, January 10th. His gotcha story is HERE. In celebration of this wonderful day, I am sharing some photos of my boy. Also, Pierson has written a poem:

It was a year ago today,
When I was living as a stray.

Now a whole year has gone by,
And I am one happy guy.

Mommy caught me just before the first winter snow,
But I didn’t know her and wasn’t sure if I wanted to go.

First there was a flea and tick bath, then the vet.
Then there was another person and a dog I had never met.

At first I was really nervous and scared,
But I soon realized these people really cared.

Everyone was so gentle and kind,
I knew they would never leave me behind.

It didn’t take long to build up the trust.
Life here is so happy and just.

I get lots of love and delicious food every day.
I’ve learned snow doesn’t mean cold, it means fun to play.

Instead of garbage and sticks to chew,
I have real dog toys and meaty bones too.

Mom likes to teach me tricks and I love to learn.
I have everything now and nothing to yearn.

This is my forever home, the best place to be.
So now I celebrate, Happy Gotcha Day to me!

Pierson Sleeping 2

Maya & Pierson Sleeping (small)

Pierson Playing with Ball 1

Pierson and the Puppy Cup 1

Pierson in a Tux

We are family!

We are family!

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Nearly Wordless Wednesday – Celebration for Rumpy Dog’s Gotcha Day

October 17, 2012

Who is Rumpy, What is Gotcha Day, and How are We Celebrating?

If you haven’t seen the Rumpy Dog Blog, you have got to check it out. Rumpy is an adorable Malamute and his Gotcha Day is the day he found his forever home. Since he was a stray, we don’t know his birthday so his Gotcha Day is the day that is celebrated. For his Gotcha Day, Rumpy would like for us to talk about the importance of spaying/neutering your pet.

As cute as my dogs Maya & Pierson are, it just isn’t a good idea to breed them. There are so many adorable dogs out there without homes or who are being bred in a bad way. Stop the madness and spay or neuter your pet. I know he or she is probably as adorable as Rumpy and my four-legged children, but you wouldn’t want them to go without a home. Spread the word and visit the Rumpy Dog Blog for more information.

I’m neutered and I am still one very happy dog. I don’t even need neuticles!

Maya Sleeping Soundly

I’m spayed and proud of it.