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How My Dog Maya Got Her Name

July 20, 2013
Maya is Magic

Does this picture give you a clue on how Maya got her name?

Nope, she’s not named after the Mayan culture and her name is not Spanish. I actually got her name from the Sanskrit term for illusion. In Hinduism, the goddess Mahamaya’s name means The Grandest Deception (or illusion).

Want to know how I found this name? Okay. But first, here is why her name is perfect for her:

Maya Dog Sleeping on Chair

Don’t be fooled by the sweet quiet innocent look.

It’s the perfect name because Maya appears to be a really good dog. Well, she really is. But part of it is an illusion. 😉 My sweet, quiet, and innocent girl can turn into a crazy mess in a flash when she gets excited about something. She will be six years old in August, but there are times when she still acts like a wild puppy. Anyone who has a Labrador Retriever can probably relate.

She goes crazy in the car too. The first 15 minutes is of nothing but her whining excitedly. And if she wasn’t wearing her dog car restraint, she’d be all over the place. She has been getting much better at walking properly on a leash, but she gets distracted easily by smells and other dogs. It’s a good thing she only weighs 70 pounds and wears a leash that makes it difficult for her to pull.

Despite these momentary lapses into naughtiness, Maya’s exuberance and silly antics make me laugh. She has such a zest for life. And she is a great cuddler. Oh, how I love my happy girl!

Maya Playing with Hand Made Dog Toy

Here’s more about how I came up with her name:

Studying ancient history is one of my hobbies. And studying ancient history also means reading mythology. You can tell how much I love mythology by my pets’ names. I had a cat named Patra (short for Cleopatra), a dog named Achilles (long before the movie Troy with Brad Pitt came out), and if you’ve been reading this blog for some time you already know about Sephi. Her name is short for Persephone from Greek mythology.

When I got Maya, her name was Dixie. Even though Dixie was a cute name, I didn’t care for it. And I wanted a name that fit us both. Maya was only 3 months old at the time so changing her name was no biggie. I searched through my history and mythology books for the right name, but nothing seemed to fit.

I was discussing this with a friend of mine from India. I don’t know what inspired me to ask this, but I asked him how to say ‘magic’ in his language. (I also love reading fantasy novels. No, not that kind of fantasy! Magical fantasy with sorcerers, dragons, castles, and heroic knights.) When he said ‘maya’, I felt the light turn on. And when he told me about Mahamaya in Hinduism, I just knew it was the right name. See what Wiki says about the name Maya and Illusion.

Yep, Maya is perfect. So how did you come up with your dog or cat’s name? Please share!