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Maya, My Labrador Retriever, is the Most Popular Dog Ever!

January 28, 2010


Labrador Retriever

Maya, the Labrador Retriever

Per the AKC Registration list, Labrador Retrievers are the most popular dog. And they have been the most popular dog for years now. What about the mutt? (But, then again, doesn’t it seem that almost every mutt is a lab mix?) My dog, Maya, is a Labrador Retriever while my other dog, Sephi, is a Lab/Chow/Shepherd mix. To read more about Labrador Retrievers, visit

While the Labrador Retriever is the most popular dog in America, the German Shepherd came second, and the Yorkie third. Following these are the remaining top ten – Golden Retriever (4), Beagle (5), Boxer (6), Bulldog (7), Dachshund (8), Poodle (9), and Shih Tzu (10). The AKC has also listed the most popular dog breeds by major US cities. To read more on the AKC statistics, visit

About Labrador Retrievers

October 18, 2009


Callie, the Chocolage Lab

Callie, the Chocolate Lab

If you are considering getting a Labrador Retriever, click HERE to read more information all about Labrador Retrievers.  The highlights of this article include:

“Labrador Retrievers are also very sociable.”

“Due to the agreeable nature of Labrador Retrievers, positive reinforcement is the best way to train these dogs.”

“Health concerns for Labrador Retrievers include hip or elbow dysplasia and Progressive Retinal Atrophy.”

“Labrador Retrievers have an interesting history. It is a dog bred in North American from early colonial times.”

“…very friendly, great with children, and always joyous and playful.”