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Pet Art by Sondra Alexander

September 28, 2010

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At the Animal Figurine, we have several AKC dog breeds in many of their different variations from color to hair-cut style.  But the Animal Figurine Store doesn’t have them all.  There are hundreds of variations and it just isn’t cost effective for a manufacturer to make them all.

However, there is a good alternative.  Have a replica of your pet made by a pet artist.  One such artist is Sondra Alexander.  Having a custom-made artistic rendition of your dog may be a bit more expensive than a figurine at the Animal Figurine, but if you want a quality memento of your beloved pet, this is the way to go.

Sondra’s work is fantastic.  The replicas of the pets she has done have a remarkable likeness.  She uses ceramic tile and builds it into a three-dimensional art form.  Have her make one tile for your personal keepsake or have her make a dozen or more and tile it in the dog’s area of your home.  Check out her website at