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8 Photos of Happiness

July 29, 2015

I’ve been selected by Flea with DogTreatWeb for Jones Natural Chews to join in this fun blog hop activity to share 8 photos of happiness.

I know it’s been a while since I’ve blogged here. Things have settled down since last year’s craziness, but I haven’t gotten back into the blogging spirit except through my writing blog. Consider this new post as an update that all is well… and we’ll be moving again! Yep. After a little over a year of living in Des Moines, we are moving back to Kansas. I love it here in Des Moines, but considering that I work from home, I go where my husband goes and his career is taking him back to his old job in Topeka. I’m both happy and sad about the move. I love it here in Des Moines, but it will be great to be around old friends again.

Anyway, back to the main point of this post – my 8 photos of happiness:

5 Year Anniversary Dawn Li Xi and Dogs

My husband makes me very happy. This is our 5 year anniversary photo taken earlier this year.

Labrador Maya Swimming at Gray's Lake

We’ve had some good times here in Des Moines. Maya and I would often go with our good friends and neighbors, Deb and Rodney, to Gray’s Lake. Maya really loves swimming and it is so fun watching her enjoy herself.

Mr. Fluffybutt 001

Rescuing Pierson was a very rewarding experience. My fluffy boy can be a pain when it comes to his barking habit and his dog aggression, but he is the cutest, sweetest, and funniest boy. Both he and Maya were a very good comfort when I cried about having to leave Des Moines.

Family Photo with Mom

My family makes me happy. This photo is only a small part of that family. This is my mom (a few months before she passed away from brain cancer) and me and my brothers and sisters on my mom’s side. I also have a niece and two nephews on this side. Then there is my brother and sister on my dad’s side and a niece and nephew there as well. I also have a great family of aunts, uncles, and cousins.

Chow Mix Sephi Artwork Drawn in Pastel

This photo combines two happy things. This dog is my beloved Sephi who passed away in 2011. Other dogs in past years have also brought happiness and include but aren’t limited to Cassie, Smokey, Huckleberry, and more. The other happy thing about this photo is that I drew this. Doing art makes me happy.

Our Family Sha Sha Jinbo Etc

All my friends make me happy. This photo is of us and our friends/housemates when we lived in Lawrence, Kansas. They have since moved back to China, but like all our good friends, we stay in touch.

Green and White Crocheted Baby Blanket

Doing crafts like crocheting, making jewelry, and other things makes me happy. This is a baby blanket I made for a friend’s baby.

Pink / Red Tulip Flowers

This tulip is from the front yard of my old house in Lawrence, Kansas. It does not represent a happiness of gardening. I hate gardening. This photo represents the happiness that nature brings me. I love nature.

There you have it. My 8 photos of happiness. Now to spread the happiness to a few bloggers. Although I haven’t been visiting many blogs lately, there are a few that I still like to visit.

Flea, of course, with Jones Natural Chews. She’s already done her 8 photos of happiness.
Lindsay with That Mutt.
Emma from MyGBGVlife, who has also already done her 8 photos of happiness.
And here’s one that I follow through my DawnRossAuthor blog – Whitney with Invisible Ink.
(BTW, writing also makes me happy.)

If you all choose to join, here are the rules:

1. Thank your nominator(s) and link to their blog(s).
2. Link to the creator of the event.
3. Post your eight photos of happiness.
4. Pop in a brief description of each photo, why you chose it or let the photos do the talking.
5. Spread the happiness and tag up to ten other bloggers!

Wordless Wednesday – Playing Dogs

November 20, 2013

Believe it or not, Maya and Pierson do not play together often. Maya thinks Pierson is just a little too rough, and he is. So if she is trying to play by herself, and he butts in, she stops. But the other day was different. Maya was either very bored or just in a really good mood. They played together for several long minutes, long enough for me to go find my camera and snap quite a few photos.

Dogs Playing 015

When Pierson plays too rough, he grabs the side of Maya’s face and pulls. Ouch!

Dogs Playing 007

Even though Pierson sometimes hurts her, Maya doesn’t cry out. But this day, she was really giving him what-for.

Dogs Playing 008

You tell ‘im Maya!

Dogs Playing 009

I’ve got you now, Mr. Pierson!

Dogs Playing 005

Have you had enough yet? How about we slobber up some of that fluff of yours.

Dogs Playing 013

You’re going down!

Dogs Playing 006

But Pierson slips away. Maya has to try again.

Dogs Playing 011

But Pierson is the one who takes Maya down. He always wins… but only because Maya lets him win.

No dogs were hurt in this activity. It was just good, slobbery, and loud fun.

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Not So Wordless Wednesday – Evidence of Naughtiness

February 6, 2013

After the recent snow melt, we had a nice sunny day here in Kansas. So I decided to let the dogs play in the yard unsupervised. Big mistake. The photos shown here are not nearly as bad as they were immediately after the incident. Unfortunately, it didn’t occur to me to take photos until the mess was half-way cleaned up.

After being let inside.

After being let inside.

Believe me, the entire kitchen was much worse than this. I wish I had gotten a better photo.

After having fun outside.

After having fun outside.

You should have seen Pierson’s feet. He has fuzzy feet so there was mud stuck everywhere and in between his toes.

After washing mud off puppy feet.

After washing mud off puppy feet.

This was after rinsing out the tub the first time, before I realized I should take a picture. It took five rinses to clean this tub.

After discovering the proof of their naughtiness.

After discovering the proof of their naughtiness.

Here is the hole I found in the yard the next day. Hard to tell from the photo but this is nearly a foot deep.
After a good day's work.

After a good day’s work.

Did you two have fun landscaping my yard? Was it worth the bath?

My other blog doesn’t have a Wordless Wednesday post today, but they do have a dog seat belt giveaway contest. Check it out at

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Yay! Snow!

December 20, 2012

Yesterday when I posted Wordless Wednesday Winter Photos, I didn’t have a photo of Pierson playing in the snow. Well, it snowed last night so we woke up to about 2+ inches of snow. Here are some photos from today!

Pierson is having a great time running around in the snow.

Pierson is having a great time running around in the snow.

The snow is over 6 ft in this area. Pierson loves it.

The snow is over 6 ft in this area. Pierson loves it.

Pierson looks so cute with snow on his nose.

Pierson looks so cute with snow on his nose.

Maya is wearing her hand-made scarf from Bow Wow Wow Gifts.

Maya is wearing her hand-made scarf from Bow Wow Wow Gifts.