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Top 10 Things My Dogs Do to Make me Smile

May 11, 2013

Every day is a joy with Maya & Pierson. And it’s the little things they do that bring it. In no particular order, here are a few of the cute things they do:

1. The breakfast dance and howl – Maya sit and stay while I fill up their food bowls. But before we get to the sit command, there is the dance. Pierson sometimes adds a cute howl, too.

2. Random spin – This is the very first thing they do when it comes to breakfast, dinner, or treats. I don’t even need to say ‘spin’ or ‘turn around’ any more. Ever since I taught them this trick, they do it automatically when they know its eating time.

Yay! Maya & Pierson have mastered synchronized spinning!

Yay! Maya & Pierson have mastered synchronized spinning!

3. Play – Playing with them or Maya and Pierson playing with each other is very entertaining. There is nothing especially cute about the way they play. They play like any other dogs. But when I see them having so much fun, I can’t help but to be happy too.

Dogs Playing in Sprinkler

At first, Pierson was afraid of the sprinkler. But after seeing Maya have so much fun in it, he decided to get in on the action.

4. Cuddle – My dogs aren’t allowed on the furniture. So cuddle time is extra special. Maya is an especially good cuddler.

Maya and I on Porch Swing

Maya and I enjoy cuddle time on the porch swing.

5. Sleep on their backs – It’s so funny how Maya and Pierson can sleep in such odd positions on their back. It makes me laugh every time.

Lab Sleeping on Back

Maya really loves to sleep on her back.

Pierson Sleeping on his Back

Pierson loves to sleep on his back up against this wall.

6. Eagerness to learn cute dog tricks – Teaching Maya and Pierson tricks is so much fun because they are so eager. The attentive looks on their faces as I hold the treat and get ready to give a command is priceless.

Dog Tricks for Treats

Maya & Pierson love doing dog tricks for treats.

7. Maya’s heavy sigh – Actually, it’s more like a sigh and grunt combined. I can’t even describe it properly, but it’s cute.

8. Lay at my feet – Both Maya and Pierson want to lay under my desk when I work. It’s funny when they try to compete for the spot.

9. Maya when she gets excited – Maya got a compliment the other day. Someone told me, “That has got to be the happiest dog I have ever seen.” And it’s true. Maya is always up for an adventure and it shows on her face, in the way she walks, and in the way she whines with excitement.

10. Pierson’s fuzzy feet – The hair between Pierson’s toes stick up and make his feet look oddly shaped. They make me laugh every time. And it’s not just Pierson’s fuzzy feet, it’s all Maya & Pierson’s doggy parts. It’s the way Maya’s lip sometimes curls, the way she investigates everything with her brown nose, the way her ears flop around when she runs. It’s the way Pierson carries his tail when he walks (or prances), the way his eyes seem to lighten when he looks at me, the way his fluffy butt looks like big gray bloomers, and the way his body is white with black spots while his legs are black with white spots.

Pierson's Fuzzy Feet

I did share this photo before, but I couldn’t resist sharing the photo of Pierson’s cute fuzzy spotted feet again.

What cute things does your best friend do to make you smile?

Fun Dog Game – Covering with a Blanket

April 28, 2012

Covering with a blanket? This probably sounds like a strange game but my dogs sure do love this fun dog game. It all started with Sephi. When I got Maya, I taught it to her too. When I first started trying to teach Pierson, he was afraid. He wasn’t comfortable playing with us yet. But one day, I saw him roll himself up in a blanket and play it by himself. Now that he is comfortable and settled into his new home, we play it together all the time.

Here is how this fun dog game works – Take a big blanket and put it completely over your dog, head and all. Then say, “Where’s Maya?” or “Where’s Pierson?” in your fun game-play voice. As they try to come out of the blanket to come to you move away, around, and/or behind and call them again. Pat them playfully on the side from time to time if they are going the wrong way. Be sure to keep your voice fun the entire time and stop the game if your dog seems distressed. Once your dog is finally able to poke his head out from under the blanket, reward him with playful encouragement and love.

Strange, right? But I swear my dogs love this fun dog game. Have any of you played a game like this with your dog before? What other different and perhaps odd games do you play with your dog?