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Dogs Get to Swim in Public Pool – Pooch Plunge 2013

September 7, 2013

Maya had an absolute blast on Tuesday, September 3, 2013. Tuesday was the annual Pooch Plunge held at the Outdoor Aquatic Center in Lawrence, Kansas. Check out these great photos and the video I put together. PAWSOME!

Maya Pooch Plunge 2013 01

My Labrador Maya gets to swim in a public pool for the annual Pooch Plunge event in Lawrence, Kansas.

Maya Pooch Plunge 2013 02

Just look at how happy my Maya is.

Maya Pooch Plunge 2013 03

Maya gets to meet a lot of other dogs having fun swimming in the pool.

Maya Pooch Plunge 2013 004

There were no balls to play with so Maya stole this pool toy.

Maya Pooch Plunge 2013 005

Maya loves sticks. But since there were no sticks or balls in the pool, Maya takes a pool toy instead.

Maya Pooch Plunge 2013 006

Maya, what are you going to do with that toy? Maya eventually got out of the pool and proceeded to run around the pool complex with the pool toy in her mouth. It was like she was showing off her ‘capture’.

Maya Pooch Plunge 2013 007

Lots of people and doggies swimming and having a good time in the public pool. It got even more crowded than this later on.

Maya and Other Dogs Pooch Plunge

Other dogs had a good time too. Look at that pug go! And there is an Aussie and a German Short-haired Pointer.

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Wordless Wednesday – Dog Swimming at Public Pools

August 21, 2013

Every year in the Kansas City metro area several public pools open up to the dogs. They do it at the end of the season just before they drain them. Here is Maya having a good time at Young’s Pool in Overland Park, Kansas for the annual Pooch Plunge.

Maya Swimming at Public Pool

So many yellow Labs swimming at the public pool that I can barely tell which one is Maya.

I have to admit that these are last year’s photos. I really wanted to take Maya to this event on the 17th, but my car was in the shop… and the husband wouldn’t let me take Maya in his car. 😦

Maya at Young's Public Swimming Pool

Which one is Maya?

No worries, though. Maya didn’t completely miss out. There is another Pooch Plunge event here in Lawrence at the beginning of September. We’re going, even if we have to walk there!

Maya Swimming with Tennis Ball

Lots of tennis balls were provided for the pups at the pool to fetch. Here comes Maya with one!

Even though the above photos aren’t current, I’m showing them to you now so perhaps you can check your area to see if any of your public pools open up for the dogs. Now’s the time! And if you don’t have any, maybe you can inspire your local parks and rec to do it next year.

Maya and Another Dog Swimming in Public Pool

Good girl, Maya!

On another happy note, Pierson’s roses and poo poem won the Bad Poetry Day Contest held by Ku at and Oz at! Here is his poem again:

Bad Poetry Day - Roses Aren't Edible

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