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Must Watch – The Puppy Bowl VII on Animal Planet

February 5, 2011

It’s that time of year again!  If you’re like me and not interested in football but love dogs, then this show is perfect for you.  Puppy Bowl VII is on Animal Planet on Sunday, February 6th at 3pm Easter/Pacific time.  This is the Puppy Bowl’s 7th year.  It was popular the first year, but it is even more popular now.

Check out the above video of Unnecessary Ruff-Ruff-Ruffness and you will get a good idea of the commentary and puppy cuteness for Puppy Bowl VII.  Check out other videos from Puppy Bowl VI, such as the MVP (Most Valuable Puppy) Jake the Chihuahua/Pug, at

Other things to see are the Puppy Touchdowns, Unnecessary Ruff-Ruff-Ruffness, Pre-Game Show, and Kitty Half-time Show.  Meet the Puppy Bowl VII Starting Line-up which includes adoptable puppies like Jessie, a Shepherd mix, Little Red, a Shih-Tzu/Beagle mix, Molly, a Boxer mix, and Calvin, a Border Terrier mix.

Check it out and enjoy your Super Puppy Bowl Sunday!

Watch the Puppy Bowl VI – Sunday, February 7th 3-5PM E/P on Animal Planet

January 24, 2010

Shelter dogs are on the run! With a plush squeaky toy or other dog toy in their mouth they are running for a touchdown on the miniature puppy play field. There will be tackles as puppies rough and tumble and fight for the toy. Penalties or time outs will be called if the game gets too rough or if a puppy pottys on the field. There will also be offense, defence, first downs, instant replays, and more.

Last year, the National Anthem was sung by a talented parrot named Pepper. Was that for real? I think it was. Will she sing again this year? Not if she was adopted and I hope she was.

The Kitty Half-time-Show will be featured again with kittens having a blast with balls of yarn, toys which look like, mice, balls with bells inside, or other fun kitty toys. This year will feature a bunny cheerleaders! I can’t wait to see that.

This year’s puppy line up includes twenty adorable puppies who look ready to play: Bandit, a sweet-looking Border Collie mix; another puppy named Bandit who is a Husky mix; Blaze, an Australian Shepherd mix; Carson, a perky little German Shepherd mix; blue-eyed Chamomile, a Boxer mix; Chloe, a yellow Lab mix; Duncan the Beagle; Naome, an interesting mix of Akita, Lab, and Boxer; Jumby, a spunky looking Pomeranian; Addison, a cute little Yorkie/Maltese mix; Coco, a Boxer mix; and more. Check out the puppy line up and review the Puppy Bowl from previous years at  Read about Puppy Bowl VI at

This show isn’t just for entertainment. It helps  educate the public about homeless pets. Don’t forget to watch this year’s Puppy Bowl VI on Sunday, February 7th, 3-3PM Eastern/Pacific time on Animal Planet. And don’t forget to donate to your local animal shelter and ADOPT a dog rather than buy.