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Responsible Dog Breeders Good – Backyard Breeders and Puppy Mills Bad

May 6, 2011

With our serious overpopulation of dogs, you might be tempted to say that all dog breeding should stop.  It should be against the law or it should be highly regulated.  While I agree that dog breeding should be regulated and permitted only to responsible dog breeders, I don’t believe we should prohibit responsible dog breeders from breeding dogs.  Here is why:

You are always going to have people who want purebred dogs.  Sure, they could adopt a purebred dog.  But if breeding dogs is outlawed where will those dogs come from?  Most likely they will come from people who are breaking the law and breeding dogs anyway.  Any dogs they don’t sell on the black market will be killed or left to die.  Those left to die might find their way at shelter.  So basically, outlawing dog breeding will not stop people from breeding dogs.  It will only stop the responsible dog breeders who take the time and spend the money to produce quality dogs.  All that will be left are inbred dogs with increasingly severe breed specific health issues.

If we want to help against the overpopulation of dogs, we need to focus on stopping the backyard breeders and puppy mills.  The law may not be enough to help so we have to get the word out about responsible dog breeders.  We need to encourage people who want to buy a purebred dog that buying from a responsible dog breeders is the best way to go.  If people stop buying from backyard breeders and puppy mills, then their business will no longer be lucrative and they will have no incentive to keep breeding.

I for one will never buy a dog.  I will always adopt.  But that is me and my choice.  I sincerely hope you make that same choice too, but if you want to buy a dog, remember to buy one from a responsible dog breeder.

Here is a great post about responsible dog breeders versus backyard breeders and puppy mills –

I Have a Purebred Dog with AKC Papers – Should I Breed Him?

May 23, 2010

If you are considering breeding your dog, first ask yourself why you are breeding your dog. If you are breeding him or her to make money, you should know that responsible dog breeders do not make much money. It takes a lot of time doing research and money for vet bills to responsibly breed a dog.

If you are breeding your dog because you think your dog is a great example of his or her breed, check out this great article by Thomas McCormick – “Dog Breeding – Should I Breed My Dog?”

While we are not against breeding dogs, we are against “backyard breeders” and puppy mills. What are backyard breeders? Backyard breeders are people who breed their dog without any knowledge or concern about breeding inferior traits and genetic health issues. Just because a dog has papers from the American Kennel Club (AKC) does not mean that the dog has been bred responsibly. They could still have hidden genetic issues which may be passed on to their puppies. Proper and thorough research should be done before breeding any dog.