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Scoop That Poop at the Dog Park

January 20, 2014

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We’ve had unusual weather here lately, as I imagine most of you have as well. One day it is below zero and the next it is light jacket weather. Well, I took full advantage of one of those nicer days by taking Maya to the dog park. We hadn’t been since before the holiday, so it was nice to be able to go again. Most of our visit was nice, anyway…

I don’t understand why so many people still don’t pick up after their dog, despite all the signs and the free dog poop bags! I guess they see that one person was too lazy to pick up after their dog and so they assume it is okay they don’t either.

It’s not okay. I feel that in a dog park, it is even less okay. After all, some dogs visiting the park might be carrying harmful bacteria, a virus, or they might have worms. Yuck! :p I don’t want Maya to get sick. Nor do I want her to accidentally step in some and track it in my car. She could also bring it home to Pierson.

"Don't be a turd. Scoop that poop."

“Don’t be a turd. Scoop that poop.”

I have to admit our dog park is not as bad as it used to be. When I first moved to this town, the park didn’t have any signs or any dog poop bags. So someone is making an effort. I also believe volunteers come by from time to time to scoop. Perhaps I should get on that volunteer list. Or I could just go out there and do it. I have a great poop scooper called Scoopy the Poo.

Scoopy-the-Poo Dog Poop Scooper

I have this except in red.

Do you think people who see me scoop that poop will realize perhaps they should pick up after their dog? Or do you think they will figure that since someone else will scoop it, they don’t have to? I have a feeling many people will think the later. Perhaps I need to wear a vest saying, “VOLUNTEER”. What do you all think?

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Pet Review for Scoopy-the-Poo – Get the Scoop

April 30, 2010

What is Scoopy-the-Poo? No, it isn’t Scooby Doo’s cousin, or even his nephew, brother, or uncle. It is a fantastic pet waste management product. I use it for my dogs’ poo and I can tell you that it is super easy to use and keep clean. There is no need to hose it off and get poopie splatters all over your shoes and clothes. There is nothing disgusting to touch or wipe down with a cloth. Just clip on a regular garbage bag, scoop the poop, remove the bag, tie it up, and put it in the trash. How easy is that?

One dog can generate 50-60 piles of poop per month. I have two dogs so that’s twice as much poo! If you don’t pick up after your dog (or dogs), it’s not only gross, but unhealthy for both you and your pets.

Not picking up after your dog kinda puts a damper on having a backyard barbecue, too. I guess you will be going to uncle Bob’s for barbecue instead and have to eat his overcooked meat. You won’t be able to get your kids to go outside and play either. There goes your peace-and-quiet for the summer. And let’s not mention what happens if you don’t pick up the poop before you mow the lawn – Yuck!

So scoop the poop with Scoopy-the-Poo! Your dog will be glad that you do… Hey, that kinda has a nice ring to it. You could almost make it into a song!