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A Lesson From Maya’s Day in the Mud

October 1, 2010

Maya in the Mud

Oh my, oh my, oh Maya!  This is a phrase I like to say when my crazy yellow Labrador Retriever, Maya, does naughty things.  I also call her Trouble or Troublemaker.  And when she is being a pest, I call her Nosy.  But don’t misunderstand the nicknames.  I never say them out of anger or frustration.  Depending on the situation, I say them with a heavy sigh as I clean up her mess, or with a smile as I enjoy her silly antics.

Dogs can be a lot of work and Maya is no exception.  She is three years old now and yet she is still finding ways to make sure that I am never idle.  The most recent event occurred at the dog park.

This past Monday, computer problems prevented me from being able to do much work.  So I took Sephi and Maya to the dog park.  It had been a few days since it had rained so it did not occur to me that it might be muddy.  But leave it to Maya to find a big puddle of mud!

Oh goodness, what a mess!!  Not only did she tromp through it and play in it, she also lay down in it.  I could have been angry and yelled at her.  But what good would it have done?  What’s done is done.  Besides, she was thoroughly enjoying herself.  Isn’t that what the dog park is all about anyway?

So instead of being upset, I chose to laugh.  Maya had a big goofy Lab grin as she played around in the mud, making a splash, and digging around.  So I sat back and enjoyed myself as I watched her enjoying herself.

By the time we were ready to go, Maya was a light yellow dog with brown spots on top, and a chocolate-colored muddy mess on the bottom – Kind of like a big chocolate chip cookie with a layer of chocolate frosting.  I spent a good 15 minutes trying to wash her off from the water in the fountain.  By the time I was done, both of us were soaked and wet.

Despite the extra work I had to do to clean her up, the day we had spent at the dog park had been worth it.  This day is a good lesson for anyone who has had to clean up a mess made by their pets.  You can choose to be angry and frustrated, or you can just take it in stride and enjoy the special moments.

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Meet Sephi And Maya

August 29, 2010

You may have heard of Sephi and Maya on our other blog, Pet Auto Safety  Sephi And Maya are more than just my dogs, they are a part of the family.  Sephi is a 9 year old Lab/Shepherd/Chow mix.  She has many nicknames including Boo Boo, Brat, and recently, Old Lady.  Maya is almost 3 years old and she is a yellow Lab.  Maya’s nicknames are Maya Papaya, Poopers, Nosy, and Trouble.  Some of the nicknames may sound mean, but I say it out of love.

Check them out in this cute video.  Sephi is talking in her best doggy way and Maya is wondering what all the excitement is about.  Sephi talks when she is excited and especially when it comes to feeding time.  Maya always likes to investigate what is going on – hense the nickname Nosy.

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