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The Canine Angels

March 30, 2013
Rick Kaplan Canine Angels

Rick Kaplan, Founder of Canine Angels

Wouldn’t it be great if people were given a second chance by dogs that were given a second chance? That is what they do at Canine Angels, a nonprofit organization that rescues dogs from the shelter, then trains them to be service dogs for disabled veterans.

I had this wonderful opportunity to learn about Canine Angels when someone offered to do a review of my dog car harnesses. This dog Bobo is being trained to be a service dog. Bobo is an absolutely beautiful dog that might not have been given a second chance if he hadn’t been selected by Canine Angels.

Bobo, a Canine Angel service dog

Bobo, a Canine Angel service dog in training

One of the stories featured on the Canine Angels website is about Dave and Diamond. Says Dave’s wife, Virginia, “Usually a veteran trains with several dogs, working up to his personal dog, but in our case, Diamond “picked” Dave during his interview and would not leave his side.” This means that while Diamond is being trained, so is Dave. It is a challenge, a journey, as Rick Kaplan the founder tells them. But it has already made a big difference. Read more HERE (this story is on a pdf file that will download).

Diamond and Bobo are just a couple of the many dogs being trained right now. The founder currently has a number of dogs that he is working with 24/7. Check out this interview of Rick Kaplan with his canine-angels-in-training.

Canine Angels also trains dogs as therapy dogs. Meet Lady, Canine Angels’ first therapy dog.

Canine Angels Lady

Lady, a Canine Angels therapy dog

Go check out the Canine Angels‘ website to find out more. Be sure to make a donation too! Clicking the image below will take you to the Canine Angels donation page.

Canine Angels Donate Button

Click the image above to donate to Canine Angels

Honoring Service Dogs on Memorial Day

May 30, 2011
Honoring Service Dogs

Honoring Service Dogs

We found a great article about dogs who serve in the military at  WNDU is the ABC Channel in South Bend, Indiana.  According to this article, “Currently, according to the Department of Defense, about 2,300 dogs are working as sentries, detecting land mines and bombs and performing search, rescue, and recovery tasks for the U.S. military.”  The article also mentions the German Shepherd dog who helped to track down Osama Bin Laden, about how service animals used to be put down after the war was over, and about how service animals are transferred to police service or to private homes after their service in the military.  Check out this great article at for the full story and enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend!