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Showing Off My Pet Portraits Artwork

October 20, 2012

I’ve been busy with my pet portraits artwork lately. I have three art pieces in progress which I would like to complete before I get more orders for the holidays. No hurry, though. I don’t want to rush them. These are all very special.

The first step is completing a rough sketch. In the rough sketch, I start out with basic shapes and slowly start adding detail. Sounds easy, right? Especially when you look at the simple rough sketch of my dog Sephi below. But what makes it difficult is that this wasn’t my first rough sketch. Oftentimes, I do a rough sketch but when I look at it I can tell that it is not proportioned properly. So I have to start over again. It took three sketches before I got this one of Sephi to where I felt it was proportioned properly. If you look closely, you can see the circle I drew of her head and the lines through her face that I made so I could properly place the eyes and nose.

After I get a rough sketch to where I think it looks proportioned right, I start adding detail. The next two sketches are final sketches. They are not the final artwork pieces, just the final sketches. These final sketches will be used to begin the final artwork pieces in color.

This is the final sketch of Zeppelin. She is aptly named. In her rough sketch, the first shape I drew was the shape of a zeppelin. 😀 The hardest thing about drawing Zeppelin was her feet. Drawing the feet of any animal is more difficult for me than any other part.

This other final sketch is of Lily. Lily will be drawn along with her friend horse Charm. I have completed a rough sketch of Charm, but the nose was too long so I have to start over. I will post the final sketch of Charm at a later date. And I will also show you the final pieces when these are all ready. 🙂

Interested in having me do pet portraits of your dog, cat, horse, or bird? Visit my website and email me at Be sure to put pet portraits in the RE section so that I know it is not spam.