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Wordless Wednesday – Strange Spring

May 1, 2013

The weather has been crazy. Last week we had snow. Yesterday and the day before were really nice (in the 80s). Tomorrow we are going to have snow again! It’s crazy I tell you.

Since I missed last Wordless Wednesday, here are some photos from the past 10 days or so.

My Dog Maya and Tulips

Maya looks Pretty by the blooming Tulips.

Snow in Kansas April 23

No lie. It snowed at our house on April 23rd, 2013. This is highly unusual in NE Kansas.

Tulips and Snow

I was really worried about what the snow would do to our beautiful tulips.

Blooming Tulips

Despite the recent snow, our colorful Tulips are still blooming beautifully.

Maya Yellow Ball 4

Maya, do you want to play fetch with this big yellow beach ball?

Maya Yellow Ball 1

Maya will jump to try to catch this yellow ball, but it is too big so it bounces off her nose. She loves the game, nonetheless.

Maya Yellow Ball 2

Here comes the big yellow ball, Maya. Are you going to get it?

Maya Yellow Ball 3

Get that big yellow ball, Maya!

Pierson Kong Flyer 1

Pierson doesn’t like the beach ball. He’s scared of it for some reason. But he loves to play with his Kong Flyer.

Aussie Mix Pierson and Kong Flyer

More of my adorable dog Pierson with his Kong Flyer.

Pierson Kong Flyer 3

I can’t get enough of the Pierson cuteness with his Kong Flyer.

Pierson Running after Kong Flyer

Just look at the fluffy fur fly! Pierson can’t catch the Kong Flyer in the air yet.

Pierson Kong Flyer 5

It looks like he might catch the flyer this time, but no. Pierson waits for the Kong Flyer to land on the ground before he gets it.

For more fun Wordless Wednesday pet photos, check out the link to the blog hop below. You can also access the blog hop on my other blog, where I am showing photos of an adorable GoldenDoodle named Spud.


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Wordless Wednesday – More Signs of Spring

April 10, 2013

Although today is supposed to get cooler again, at least it’s not going to be in the 30s. I really love spring in Kansas. When all the trees blossom it is a gorgeous array of color. Not all the trees have blossomed yet. Only one of our trees has so far. But I imagine in the next week or so, I will be able to look down my street and see a line of whites, creams, pinks, reds, and purples.

Here are more Wordless Wednesday spring photos of Maya & Pierson enjoying more outdoor time:

Pierson Playing with Blanket

Pierson was getting stir crazy in winter. He wrapped this blanket around his head by himself while playing.

Maya and I on Porch Swing

Maya and I enjoy cuddle time on the porch swing.

Budding Tulips 2

The Tulips are starting to bud. Soon we will have flowers!

Maya in Tulip Garden

April showers bring Maya flowers.

Maya and Dandelions 2

April showers bring Maya more flowers.

My Dog Pierson on Rabbit Patrol

Pierson has placed himself on rabbit patrol.

Blossoming Trees 4

I love how the trees in Kansas blossom.

Blossoming Tree in our Backyard.

The white blossoming trees are coming out first. This one is from our back yard.

What does spring look like where you live?

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Fun Things to Do With Your Dog this Spring

March 27, 2012

I am so happy that spring is finally here. I still took my dogs for walks in the winter but other than that they did not spend much time outdoors. Now that spring is here, we can all enjoy the sunshine and warm weather. For fun in the sun, here are some fun things you can do with your dog this spring too.

Dog Park
If your dog enjoys sniffing around, trail walking, and/or playing with other dogs, the dog park is the place to be. This is my Labrador Maya’s most favorite place to go, especially if it is the Shawnee Mission dog park where they have a water front for her to go swimming.

Nature Trails
If your dog park doesn’t have trails for walking, you can still take your dog on some fun nature trails. The only difference would be that your dog has to stay on a leash. Use a longer leash if you’d like and let your dog explore nature. Be sure to pick up after him and make sure to bring him closer to you when you walk by other people on the trail.

Outdoor Dog Games
Not all dogs like the dog park and some like my Aussie mix Pierson don’t do well with other dogs at the park. Play at home instead. If your dog doesn’t already know how, teach him to play fetch with a ball or frisbee.

Perhaps you can teach some agility with a make-shift agility course. Pierson loves to jump so I am thinking about teaching him to jump through a hoola hoop. I can also teach him to jump over a pole or crawl under it. Take some big cardboard boxes outside and make a tunnel for your dog to run through, blocks of wood for steps to go up and down. Agility can be fun.

Find-It is a fun game your dog can play both indoors and outdoors. Hide your dog’s favorite treats and see if he can sniff them out. Careful not to encourage digging.

A game where you call your dog back and forth is a fun outdoor game to play. This game also teaches your dog to come when he is called. Two people stand on either side of the yard and call the dog. When the dog comes, reward with lots of praise and possibly even a treat too. Make it as rewarding as possible.

How about playing in the sprinkler or with the water hose with your dog? If your dog likes water, maybe they will like this too. Make the water hose fun by seeing if your dog will catch the end of the spray. Don’t use a spray that is too harsh or it will hurt your dog. Get your dog to run after you as you run back and forth over the sprinkler. Make bath time a fun event.

Revisit Training
Despite the fact that I still took the dogs for walks this winter, it was not as often. And so some practices, such as walking properly on a leash, have been a bit lax. Spring is the perfect time to brush up. Reteach your dog to walk properly on a leash, have him sit automatically whenever you stop walking, practice stay in the back yard with distractions, etc.

If you have a place where you can take your dog swimming, spring is the perfect weather for it. Some dog parks have a water front. And some out of the way lakes or rivers may have areas where dogs are allowed to swim.

Around Town
Find some outdoor pet-friendly activities in your area at You might be surprised to find that some restaurants with an outdoor patio allow dogs. Some shops allow does to come inside. And some botanical gardens too.

Just Lay Around in the Sun
After a fun day outside, it might be fun to just lay around in the shade. Enjoy the fresh air and take a nap under a tree. Or you relax and read a book while your dog rests in the shade.

There are so many fun things to do with your dog this spring. Enjoy the beautiful weather with your best friend, get some exercise in the meantime, and have fun!