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Table Scraps May Not Be Good for Your Dog

October 6, 2011

My poor dog Maya has had a tummy ache for the past five days and it is all my fault. I gave her some of our leftover dinner and it sent her stomach in turmoil. I should know better!! I grew up with my mom always mixing table scraps with the dog’s food. In fact, Sephi ate the same stuff Maya did and did not have any issues at all. But Maya’s stomach is more sensitive than Sephi’s. I learned this a couple years ago when I had to put her on a special restricted diet for at least two weeks. But it has been two years since that incident and I have been giving her bits of healthy people food ever since. In this recent incident, however, I had forgotten that while the food was healthy it was also spicy. I should have known that the salt and pepper and other seasonings wouldn’t be good for Maya. In my effort to give her a treat, I made her sick – and believe me when I say that I feel terrible about my mistake.  😦

The good news is that Maya will be fine. She has been to the vet and her diagnosis confirmed as due to the food I gave her and not poisoning or Giardia or other parasites. She has been given medication and put on a bland diet. She is feeling a little better today, but if it wasn’t for me she wouldn’t have been feeling bad in the first place. I am so so sorry Maya!!  I have learned from this experience and I share it with you in hopes that you learn from it too. Be careful about feeding your dog table scraps. Seasonings which we use on our food may not agree with your dog. There are other people foods which are not good for your dog either. Be sure to consult your veterinarian before giving your dog any food that is not a part of your dog’s regular diet.