Looking for a New Veterinarian for Your Dog?

When we moved from Overland Park, Kansas to Lawrence, Kansas, I had to find a new veterinarian for Sephi and Maya.  We are going to miss our old vet but it was just too far away.  So a search began.  I looked at reviews for all the veterinarians in Lawrence, then went to visit the ones with the best reviews.   After some careful investigative searching, we found a new veterinarian which Sephi and Maya seem happy with so far.  (Sephi and Maya are not due for an exam or shots until June so they have yet to visit their new vet.)

Finding a veterinarian for your dog should not be as simple as looking in the yellow pages.  To find the right vet for your dog, check out some great tips in this article written by Patrick Ogunnaike:

4 Critial Things to Look for When Choosing a Vet for Your Dog

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