Pet Product Review – PAC1 Leader as the Pull No More Dog Harness

Pull No More dog harness

Maya Wearing Her New Pull No More Dog Harness

As, I had a booth at the Mutt ‘n’ Strutt in Lawrence, Kansas this May.  The first chance I had at this pet event, I went and looked around at the other booths.  One booth I visited was for the Pull No More dog harness by Run-Devue.

Since Maya had just given me severe rope burn on both my hands from suddenly pulling in order to greet another dog, I was ready to try something new.  I have tried the gentle leader which has worked on other dogs of mine.  But even though I worked with Maya for weeks before having her wear it during a walk, Maya hates it and won’t walk with it on.  I have tried the choke and the prong collar as well.  The choke collar had no effect.  The prong collar worked but I hated using it.  I have tried other no pull dog harnesses and they worked okay.  But they wore down and I stopped using it after a year.

While the Pull No More dog harness is made from similar material as the other no pull harnesses I have used, the nylon webbing is thicker.  Plus, it is guaranteed for life, even if your dog chews it!  Maya won’t chew hers, but I a purchased this new harness with confidence that it will last.

The first time I walked Maya in the Pull No More dog harness was amazing.  It was the best walk we have ever gone on.  No more bribing her with treats in order to get her to stay by my side.  If she pulled even the slightest, it was enough to make her stop and wait for me.  I did not have my arm jerked or pulled even the slightest.

This Pull No More harness can also be used for regular walking or as a gentle leader.  You can purchase this versatile leash online at  It is the PAC1 Leader and comes in three different nylon thicknesses.  Plus you can choose any color combination you want.  I got the pink and brown one for Maya.

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6 Responses to “Pet Product Review – PAC1 Leader as the Pull No More Dog Harness”

  1. Juliette and Dougie Says:

    That looks like an interesting no-pull harness, how does it go on? I used the Premier Easy Walk a few years ago and found that good too, for my Collie rescue dog. Nice pink colour for Maya and good thick handle – I visited the site and like the Breast Cancer awareness leash too.

  2. brigitte Says:

    I have several for both dogs and love them all.

  3. Says:

    IloveDogs – Thank you very much for the wonderful article!! What a feeling we got when we just happen to come upon this.

    We have helped Hundreds of people and their pups build a better relationship when it comes to training and walking. And, I must say it has been a more than wonderful trip thus far, seeing the success and tears of joy from many!!! We keep striving everyday to help many more acheive the same goals and success and we are and always will be there for support to anyone that asks or seeks it.

    Thank you once again for your wonderful article!!

    Have a wonderful Puppy filled day!!!
    Ron –

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