About Our Guest Blogger, Juliette Morgan

Juliette Morgan

Juliette Morgan


I’m an ex-hospitality professional GM in the hotel industry, having worked for Marriott Hotels, and several exclusive country house hotels in England and Scotland.

4 years ago, when I was 45 I met my husband, married and gave up my stressfull but enjoyable career to move to The Lake District, Cumbria here in the U.K. – a whole change of lifestyle at once.  It was no longer just me and Dougie (my Westie dog) but a new husband, a new home and no job to go to!

This gave me time to do more of the things I enjoy, like walking on the beach, biking with my dog, boating, cooking and just spending precious time with my loved ones.

I eventually needed a new challenge, so I set up some eDog websites (the ‘e’ is for the excellent doggie products),combining my love of dogs with some business. This is very enjoyable and my dog Dougie gets to try out lots of new products and get his pic taken, which he loves!

I’m a regular visitor to American Dog blog and I’m delighted to have been asked by Dawn to guest blog here.  Here are my websites and another recent guest blog.


Juliette Morgan

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One Response to “About Our Guest Blogger, Juliette Morgan”

  1. Trixie, Lily, and Sammy-Joe Says:

    If we ever get a chance to go in the water, we’ll make sure Mama puts life vests on us!

    By the way… We’re having a raffle right now to raise money for a doggie friend’s medical treatment. Raffle tickets are just $1.00! We’d love it if you’d stop by! (Prizes will be displayed from now until March 12, then on March 13-15 you can “spend” your raffle tickets!)

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