Great Quotes from My Favorite Books About Dogs

Maggie: The Dog Who Changed My Life

I have read a lot of books about dogs.  Some are fiction, some are fact.  All of them are interesting.  And most of them have certain parts that stay with me.  Here are a few of my favorite books about dogs along with some of my favorite quotes:

Rescuing Sprite” by Mark R. Levin
“Goldfish, turtles, and hamsters are pets.  Dogs are family.”
“Sprite touched my heart and opened my soul.  I would swear he was an angel.”
“Even at the end, when he could barely stand on his own, he was a bright light who brought sunshine into our lives.”

Maggie, the Dog Who Changed My Life” by Dawn Kairns
“Once in every dog lover’s life, if you’re lucky, that special once-in-a-lifetime dog comes along.  You know this relationship is golden, a gift from the spirit world.  You have found a soul mate.”
“I believe we owe our dogs that chance [behavior training] to lay the foundation for a long and happy relationship.”
“There’s nothing like the ease with which the canine-human relationship flows once your dog is integrated into your family.”
“The pounding of her paw steps as she runs down the hall when she hears my feet hit the floor in the morning welcome me to my day with joy.”
“Sometimes special beings come into our lives and touch our hearts in a way that leaves us forever changed.”

Dogs I Have Met and the People They Found” by Ken Foster
“He’s my soul mate.”
“One of the remarkable surprises of doing rescue work – whether it’s fostering dogs or volunteering in a shelter – is that each dog stays with you long after they’ve found their home.”
“These are dogs who may have issues, but their issues, and our growing understanding of what they are about, are part of what bonds us to them.”
“When Brando was a puppy, he went through a phase of smelling like Christmas cookies.  To me, anyway.  “It’s so amazing,” I announced to anyone who would listen.  “He smells just like fresh-baked Christmas cookies!””


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