Shedding Remedies for Your Dog

FURminator deShedding Tool

Sephi and Maya are both big shedders.  Maya’s hair just falls off and floats everywhere whereas Sephi’s comes out in big clumps.  Needless to say, keeping dog hair off my floors and off my clothes is a constant battle.  I have used several different types of dog brushes over the years and can tell you with confidence which dog brushes and which techniques work best.

Before I share this information with you, let me advise that there is no absolute end-all solution.  Even with the best products, a dog who tends to shed is still going to shed.  And the right tools will help the most if you use them continuously.

Best Dog Brushes
The types of dog brushes which have worked best for me include the FURminator, rubber dog brushes, undercoat rakes, and slicker dog brushes.  The FURminator is more of a brand and their products include rubber dog brushes and undercoat rakes.  But they also have a specific dog brush called the de-shedding tool.  This product works very very well in removing your dog’s undercoat which is the part of the coat that is being shed.

   Rubber Dog Brushes
Rubber dog brushes also work very well.  When I was Sephi with this brush, it does wonders.  I was pleasantly surprised when I used this brush at the dog wash (called U-Wash Puppy in Shawnee Mission, Kansas).  The rubber dog brush, also called a curry brush, is also great on short-haired dogs like Maya and can be used on wet or dry fur.

   Undercoat Rake
The undercoat rake tends to work better on large dogs who have a thick wooly undercoat.  Sephi’s undercoat is definitely thick and wooly in the spring (the worst time of year for shedding).

   Slicker Dog Brushes
This is the tool I use the most.  Although I like the FURminator the best, the slicker dog brushes are easier to use.  I like how it builds up the hair in the bristles rather than let them fly everywhere.  I like how they glide through the hair.  The slicker dog brush is the brush I use every day.  I use the FURminator once a week, or once a day during shedding season.

   Other Dog Brushes
Other dog brushes include the bristle brush, de-matting comb, and pin brush.  The bristle dog brushes and pin dog brushes do not work very well at all and should only be used in final grooming touch-ups.  And de-matting combs work best for long-haired dogs whose coat tends to matt.  They do not work well for de-shedding.

De-shedding Dog Shampoo
This is a great product for helping to loosen your dog’s undercoat during shedding season.  FURminator makes a great de-shedding shampoo.  I honestly haven’t tried other brands but there are other brands out there.  Generally, I brush Sephi and Maya before a bath, during a bath along with the de-shedding shampoo, and after the bath.

The Best De-shedding Method
By far, the best way to reduce the amount of dog hair floating in your house or sticking on your clothes is to brush, brush, and brush your dogs some more.  If your dogs are year-around shedders like mine, brush them every day.  Use tools like the FURminator de-shedding tool weekly or daily depending on the amount of shedding.  When you bathe your dogs, use the de-shedding shampoo as directed.

Shedding dogs require a lot of upkeep, but they are worth it.  Battling with dog hair doesn’t have to be as difficult if you use the right tools and brush your dogs often.  For the FURminator and other great dog brushes and dog shedding tools, visit our affiliated store, Dog Brushes and Combs.

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  1. Miguel Says:

    I have a bougth today a bruch exactly as the furminator and works very well , I’m trie to find if find this brand on the web but I don’t see anywhere to a small dog was 11€

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