Gentle Leadership Exercises for a Good Dog

One way I practice leadership is to have my dogs sit and wait patiently while I fill their food bowls.

The consequences of you not being a good pack leader for your dog could mean your dog doesn’t listen to you, potties in the house, chews on your stuff, or even growls or snaps at you. Being the leader of your dog pack doesn’t have to be harsh. There are several gentle leadership exercises you can practice in order to establish yourself, in your dog’s mind, as the pack leader.

  1. General obedience training,
  2. Leaders eat first,
  3. No free-feeding,
  4. Treats given only after command followed or trick performed,
  5. Designated sleeping areas,
  6. Do not allow on furniture,
  7. Off-limit areas such as certain rooms, kitchen counters, etc.,
  8. Establishing rules and boundaries such as no jumping to greet or no chewing on your stuff,
  9. You decide when it is play or petting time,
  10. You lead the walk,
  11. You go through doors first,
  12. Be consistent, fair, and firm.

For greater detail and information on each of these exercises read our article, “How to Be a Good Pack Leader with Leadership Exercises“.

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