Harry and Lola Children’s Books by Jean Nave

A Home for Harry and Lola

A Home for Harry and Lola by Jean Nave

One of our readers left us a great link to some great dog children’s books.  Visit HarryAndLola.org and check out “A Home for Harry and Lola” and “Harry and Lola with Smoki the Magical Cat”.  At this website, you can learn about the author and you can download the e-books for free.

The author, Jean Nave, lost her Scottish terrier, Mac Doogal.  He was a very special dog so she didn’t get another dog for some time.  She just missed Mac Doogal too much.  But then someone told her about a Scottish Terrier rescue group and directed her to PetFinder.com.  That is when Harry and Lola came into her family’s life and inspired her to write (and do the artwork for) a couple of children’s book about Harry and Lola.

In her first book, “A Home for Harry and Lola”, Harry and Lola come into their new home and meet the family cat, Smoki.  Then they meet other dogs nearby and make friends.  Each dog has his own personality and Harry and Lola learn each.  In her second book, “Harry and Lola with Smoki the Magical Cat”, Smoki takes Harry and Lola on an outdoor adventure to meet a Raccoon.

The artwork is colorful and well done.  The stories are adorable and entertaining.  You can download the book in e-format for free at www.harryandlola.org or you can purchase a 99ȼ version on Amazon.  The benefits of purchasing from Amazon rather than getting for free is that the proceeds go to the Scottie Rescue.  Visit our Amazon a-Store to purchase these great dog children’s e-books.

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One Response to “Harry and Lola Children’s Books by Jean Nave”

  1. Juliette Says:

    Very good site and the whole concept – you’d have to be very mean not to give to the benefit by buying at Amazon. Interesting post, thanks for sharing Dawn.

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