Product Reviews – Maya’s New Collar and Dog Blanket

Something about this time of year inspires me to buy things. I see all your great dog blogs and I see all these great pet products and I just have to try them. On my PetAutoSafetyBlog, I’ve done a review for recently purchased Travel Calm from Earth Heart and the Petz on Board sign for my car from Extremely Boards. On this blog, I’m going to review a dog collar from Classy Critter and a dog blanket from Catching Lizards.

Maya's new collar 003

Classy-Critter Dog Collar
I absolutely love these dog collars from Classy Critter. They are like nothing I have ever seen before. It is so clever of this crafty person to make sturdy dog collars with pony beads! The pony beads are weaved cleverly onto a thick cord and appears very durable. Two of my biggest reasons for loving this dog collar: 1) It comes in a wide variety of colors and styles. Maya looks especially good in lavender but I have a difficult time finding collars in lavender except at Daisy Diva Designs and Classy Critter; 2) It doesn’t get as dirty as quickly as the hand-made cloth collars do. (Don’t worry Daisy Diva Designs. I will still buy the colorful material collars from you. Maya can never have too many dog collars!)

Maya Wearing Daisy Diva Design Collar.

Maya Wearing Daisy Diva Design Collar.

Pierson & Maya with her blanket

Catching Lizards Dog Blanket
This blanket is super adorable. It is a simple fleece blanket which has been sewn around the edges with a nice durable trim. It is smaller than expected but only because I did not look properly at the size on the website. It is exactly the size the website indicates so the fault is all mine. I am happy, never-the-less. Pierson likes to chew on his blankets so this blanket from Catching Lizards is not only added comfort but also a toy for my silly boy. I took this blanket with us on our trip to Texas for Thanksgiving. It was a perfect way to give my dogs a little extra comfort.

Are you buying lots of stuff for your pets this holiday season? I’d like to hear about them… not that I need more excuses to buy stuff for my puppies. šŸ˜‰

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4 Responses to “Product Reviews – Maya’s New Collar and Dog Blanket”

  1. Oskar Says:

    Those look like great gift ideas. You should come by our blog, we have over 10 giveaways going on right now!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  2. snoopys@snoopysdogblog Says:

    Oh Yes, Lavender really is your color – so pretty!! That blanket looks pretty cool too šŸ™‚

    Wags to all

    Your pal Snoopy šŸ™‚

  3. Joanne Says:

    Maya looks great in the beaded collar – I clicked through to the site – they are simply gorgeous….oh I wish I had a girl dog too, as well as my boy!

  4. Flea Says:

    I don’t buy much for the pups, but we’re considering trying our hands at dog collars. My Hunny works with leather and wants to try something new.

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